Simple Pleasures...'I just love..."

  1. In complete contradiction to 'shallow obsessing!', what are those simple pleasures that just make you smile?!
    When you are in the midst of one of your 'simple pleasures', post 'em here!

    I'll start w/what prompted this thread (although I have several):

    I just love my homemade rice heatpack!
    I use it when on the computer for a long time & my hands get cold & take it to bed w/me to put on my cold feet! It's such a silly, simple pleasure!
  2. My favorite: A long soak in a good hot bath :smile:
  3. Sleep.

    It's free, it does not disturb anyone and it's only one of the few occasions where you can forget everything.
  4. Kahlua and cream...although I rarely drink, I love these
  5. I just love :

    On a cold winter’s night – snuggling up on my sofa in front of the TV (watching a DVD or a good programme), heating on, wrapped up in my fleece blanket and wearing my pink fluffy socks, a scented candle (only “Lily flame” of course - a British candle making company who make wonderful natural candles) on the coffee table and drinking a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows . Yum !!:yahoo:

    Seeing spring flowers come out after the winter such as daffodils – so beautiful. I love walking where I live (by the beach) so love strolling along the beach and the surrounding countryside – heaven.
  6. Going outside to the pool at night and singing my heart out..being in the dark with the pool lights on..trees moving a bit if there's any wind..just feels free :smile:

    and of course a warm bath ^^ ahhhh
  7. a long walk
    getting into a made up bed
  8. fresh fallen snow
    brushing my teeth
    a cool crisp sunny fall day
  9. The falling snow... still a novelty for a California girl.
  10. washer and dryer.... living in an apartment building forces me to go to the scary basement to do laundry...
  11. I love those mornings when I don't have to stop at a single stoplight on the way to work - it's like they all are green just for me!
  12. long bubble baths with a good book...mmm...sounds nice.

    new, clean sheets on the bed.

    turning on the radio and having them play the EXACT song you were just thinking you would like to hear.

    getting mail. not necessarily gifts (though that's nice too)- but i just love getting mail, even if it's junk.
  13. surfing tPF while drinking a hot cup of coffee under the warm blanket.....
  14. i juts love....
    to stand in the rain and get your body all soaked...
    gosh, i haven't done this in years because now i worried too much i'll ruin my cell phones, and my bags...
    life was so much simpler when u're young and carefreema nd not having too much things to worried you :p
  15. :beach: I just laid in a 'patch of sun' in my living room w/my kids. ahhh...that sun feels good...can't wait for summer!