Simple PCE buy Ashlyn tote and my hobby

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  1. I wanted a simple bag for bang around. This bag is simple but very pretty IRL. The leather is slightly textured and has a nice sheen to it and it slouches nicely. This is the Ashlyn tote in midnight. I don't have a dark blue bag so this is it.
    More pics to come including one with my hobby (since I'm retired) I make totes and bags which are either given to my friends and family or donated for Springville Community club to raise funds for good works in the community

  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. This is a very beautiful bag granny, love the color & the leather.
  6. I sooooo love this bag and sooooo wish it had silver hardware.....sigh :sad:
    So glad you love her granny, bet she looks fab on you!!

    Your striped tote you made is very cool too, my daughter would love that!! :smile:
  7. Awesome Ashlyn and even cooler tote! I always wished I could sew and make things like that :smile:
  8. love the bag and i love the tote
  9. I really love it, simple but classic!
  10. Very nice!! Simple, yet elegant :smile:. Congrats, she is beautiful :smile:.
  11. Love your bag, I might have to get a Navy bag, I haven't had one for years. Nice homemade bags as well. Good Job!
  12. nice shade of blue. congrats
  13. You bag is beautiful! I love the shade of blue. Great job on the tote also!
  14. Beautiful Ashlyn tote! Pretty color and lining. The legacy fob looks great on her. The tote that you made is very cute too!

    Congrats, granny!
  15. Thank you lucydee, I love the slightly textured leather and only one strap to contend with.