Simple Life Goes to Camp....

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  1. This kinda goes back to the thread about Paris all of a suddne having bigger "assets"...

    Dont they look alot bigger here than before? What do you guys think? Surgery or natural?

  2. Lovely pic of them...and who knows anymore?
  3. ^^I agree. I think that it is digitly enhanced. Nicoles boobs aren't that big either. Probably a lot of airbrushing too. Cute pic though!!
  4. Major airbrushing to surgical alteration.
  5. Nice pic but the airbrush was hard on it.
  6. I like that pic cute ..
  7. good photoshop job!
  8. I think Nicole's have been enhanced even more than Paris'!
  9. Do you guys watch this show? I used to watch it when it was on Fox, but I've never seen the E! version. Is it worth the time?

    Cute pic, btw, they both look "enhanced" but that's the glory of photoshop!

  10. Two more pics. . . . . . . . . .

  11. definitely air brushing and "chicken cutlets"
  12. airbrush for sure. I can't wait to watch this, I am huge Paris fan, but not so much Nicole.
  13. .....except I think Hilton's feet have not been photoshopped. They are huge!!!
  14. I love the Louis luggage!!:drool:
  15. Photochop... it works wonders!