simple life anyone?!

  1. I didnt see a thread about this..but who watched the simple life premier last night??

    OMG, it was totally hilarious. haha I love how they staged that little coffee bean scene between them two..i wonder if it was REALLY staged LOL....

    ohh and paris is so much more timid and reserved on the show without nicole being there dont u think?

    I loved how nicole took the hubby to the strip club and staddled him in lamaze class..he enjoyed it....doggy style what? she looked like a pro haha

    and :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: at paris for stuffing popcorn into her pregnancy suit instead of weights HAHAHA
  2. ok spoilers alert!!!! lol i love the simple life i have every season so far on dvd so im not going to post cos its going to be on in like 5 years in australia
  3. Me!! I think this will be the best season yet. Sad that they are no longer friends but this was a fun spin! :smile:
  4. I saw it. Paris was trying too hard to be funny. She's not a naturally funny person like Nicole. Nicole was hilarious! :lol: I like the first season the best.
  5. i totally watched it... so funny. i like their little feuding opening credits story. using their lives and friendship and tabloid covers to explain whats going on, its so funny. i think they are just taking a break from each other for a bit, they'll be BFFs again before too long.
  6. I watched it and thought it was really funny! Nicole definitely carries the show, she was hilarious! I really liked how they showed the couple and Paris watching the actual episode. The husband looked mortified!
  7. And another 8 years in Singapore :graucho: . The show is nothing without Nicole! Shes so funny.
  8. It Was Cute....I Agree ~ The 1st Season Was The Best!
  9. I loved it! I love Nicole and how she'll say and do anything. However I can't STAND Paris. She acts so sweet and innocent like no one has seen her sex tape or heard about all of the sleazy things she has done. Nicole will tell you how it is!
  10. Ugh! I missed it! Cannot wait to see it!
  11. OMG I missed it!!! But I hafta say that Nicole is DEFINITLY the best...she actually does things..whereas Paris kinda stands around
  12. I did.
  13. I managed to catch, lets just say I almost peed with all the laughing going on. Seriously I hate how Paris was portrayed as the good one. I definitely wouldnt watch it if Nicole wasnt part of it, shes what makes it worthwhile to watch.:biggrin::yes:
  14. I did - it was hilarious! If you missed it the repeat schedule is here:

    I adore Nicole but she came off as the "bad" one in this episode! I can't wait to see what happens next week. I love how Paris somehow came up smelling like roses and acted so appalled at Nicole's actions, lol. That was classic.
  15. did anyone see the finale?!

    ugh im sooo madd how they made it "to be continued.." right when they make it good! THEN they say "next season" ughhh im soo curious about whats gonna happen between paris & nicole! i hope they reunite ;[ well I have to wait till next season. :wtf: