Simple fast beauty tricks to make a plain girl look pretty

  1. I am the plainest girl you would ever met but would love to surprise the boys (in my 90% male work environment) by actually looking amazing even if its only for one night.

    Does anyone know any simple beauty tricks that makes the biggest difference and make guys go wow?
  2. Eye makeup makes a huge difference IMO. Even if you just did liner and mascara, they'd probably be wowed.

    What kind of coloring do you have? I have dark brown hair, light brown eyes, light-med skin. My typical makeup consists of a light dusting of mineral foundation with these products:


    I use peachy-pink blush and gloss, shimmery brown shadow, shimmery white crayon in the corners of my eyes, TF Liquifeye liner and black mascara. I try to always have my nails painted too, even if it's only clear.

    It takes <5 minutes but makes a HUGE difference. I'm naturally plain, too. My ex-bf loved to watch me do my makeup. He said it was like magic LOL :upsidedown: ...
  3. I agree with eye makeup. Sometimes I'm lazy about putting on powder or blush or lipstick but I always wear eye makeup. Without eye makeup I look half dead.

    If you have the time you could go to the Chanel counter or Mac and have them do your eyes and tell you what looks good on you or go to a salon and get your makeup done.
  4. False eye lashes will definitely give you a WOW factor. You don't have to go too dramatic, you can use natural ones and still make your eyes pop. They make a big difference.

    Try Mac #7 or Ardell #102 (found at just about all beauty supply stores) They are the same. They both natural but still sexy.
  5. i agree with claire that eye-makeup makes all the difference; that paired with glowing skin is an unbeatable combination. i suggest you find your perfect foundation (unless you're blessed with perfect skin in which case you wouldn't need anyway) that's slightly luminous (unless you have oily skin). apply that all over your face, then try nars orgasm as a blush (since you're talking about looking great in the evening-this gives a great glow-or any other finely milled shimmer for your cheekbones would be great). then for easy glamour get a set of false eyelashes (nothing too crazy-ones that look natural-ish) or if you have amazing lashes already, a coat of YSL everlong mascara. since you're going for the dramatic lashes, i'd apply a basic pale pink or nude eyeshadow all over the lid (very slight shimmer could work) and top with black liquid eyeliner.

    and on a side note, chanelbaby i'm sure you're beautiful-but a little makeup and some dramatic lashes are great confidence boosters for anybody :rolleyes:.

    edited to add the wordpast beat me to the false eyelashes suggestion! :p
  6. Definitely eyes and lip gloss too. Lip gloss really makes a smile brighter.
  7. ^ I was just going to say, a bit of mascara and lip gloss can do the trick for anyone! Even a swipe of clear mascara can brighten up the eye area, and nude or baby pink lip gloss is perfect for casual day time looks. I don't wear a lot of makeup but clear mascara and lip gloss seem to work for me on a daily basis :yes:
  8. If you want to look amazing for 1 night go get your makeup done at a counter like MAC where you spend $X on product and they do your make up for free.

    Otherwise, even out your skin tone with tinted moisturizer, apply some blush on the apples of your cheeks, curl your lashes and apply a coat of mascara and put on some lipgloss (either clear or a nice natural and subtle colour). If you really want to add a "wow" factor, apply a thin line of dark brown or black liner on your top lids.

    For my skin tone I use:

    Bare Escenuals Foundation in medium beige
    Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil
    Nars blush in orgasm
    Nars lipgloss in orgasm
    Bare Escentuals liner in patio party
    Shu lash curler
    Maybelline great lash black mascara
  9. I agree with eye makeup.

    Or you can wear lipstick. A red really does wonders.
  10. The fastest way to look like you are "put together" is to put two coats of mascara on and some lip gloss. If I only had two minutes, that is what I would do.
  11. eye makeup for sure! that is what i always do - it really makes a difference. liner, mascara, and maybe some subtle eyeshadow will really make a difference! add some nude lipstick and you're good to go!
  12. ita with the mascara & gloss recs. it also may help to frame ur face with shaped/groomed brows.
  13. Agree with all of the above - eyemake up and lip gloss make a huge difference. Groomed eyebrows can totally change your look though, and are definitely great for making you feel better about yourself. I also think a bit of concealer under the eyes helps to make you look brighter/fresher.
  14. Chanelbaby, I've no doubt you're an absolute glamourpuss! But I agree with the rest of the girls. Fantastic eye makeup can take the most gorgeous girl to totally hot stuff :p

    Could you also try something different with your hair perhaps? Maybe the tousled bed head look ala Bridget Bardot? For example...

  15. oh wow thanks everyone for all your advice and confidence boost, you are all so sweet :dothewave:

    I got the final authority that I can go home this weekend (I am serving overseas) so will print off this entire thread to swot up, then when I get back in theatre its going to be a very different girl that turns up to the Christmas party! :yahoo: