simple colors

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  1. hi girls, just wondering what colors do the patent simples come in, do they come in a sort of wine, black cherry color?:confused1:
  2. I have seen
    yellow, green, black, red, nude
  3. I've never seen wine cherry colour but different place have different colours that you don't see any where else. I've seen patent grey here in Canada and I've seen patent magenta in HK also. I think stores can choose to order whatever they like.
  4. ^^^ ooo! Patent grey?! Which store did you see them in?
  5. I saw them on Wednesday at the Vancouver Holt Renfrew. If they don't have sizes you can get them to transfer from another store if they have any left. It was a patent dark grey.
  6. Barneys has a "bubble gum" color on their site right now, really fun.
  7. Sorry I don't tink they exist in wine.
  8. Nordies is getting them in red, but it looks to be a bright red not a burgandy.
  9. i would love to see them in the color of the wine rolandos but thats just wishful thinking.....CL horatio has red patent simple pump in size 35.5 is anyone that size is looking
  10. i ordered them...hope they are a good red.
  11. I just saw these IRL. They are definitely a pink, not red.
  12. I've seen them in red, green blue, grey, black magenta and nude..all in patent except for nude.
  13. when i was in bangkok i went to a shop called boutique rouge (you can get their email off CL site) and they had the wine red simples...they were either 85mm or 100mm not sure. just like the rolando colour.
  14. I swear in the past have seen the simples in a wine and patent nude (like the decollete) colour but that was like a while ago.
  15. can the person who ordred the simples from Barneys in the bubblegum (that look red on the site) let me know what they are in real life. I am looking for tyhe bright red.