Simple bag for complicated times

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  1. I don't know if i am compensating for the current world crisis and wanting to simplify and de stress or if I am just tired of fooling with designer bags. But I became obsessed with getting a simple, earthy, natural, full grain quality leather tote, with no lining and no edge paint, that will show marks and become more beautiful with age. After much research (what else do we have to do, lol) and upon the recommendation of my TPF friend, I bought a Portland Leather Classic zip tote. It came today and it is exactly what I wanted.
    It smells wonderful, the leather is gorgeous (honey is the color), the workmanship is really good, weight is OK, perfect size. It won't be everyone's cup of tea, or maybe no one else's cup of tea, but I am thrilled with it. I suppose it is my Covid 19 bag, simple to use, easy to carry, uncomplicated.

    IMG_0862.jpg IMG_0857.jpg IMG_0860.jpg
  2. Very nice! I have a madewell tote that looks similar but doesn’t have the zipper top. The big front pocket is so handy. Love the contrast handles.

    I’m tired of fooling with designer bags too. It’s a black hole, really.
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  3. Thank you. I love my other bags, but there is a place for one like this as well. I debated between several different brands, like the Madewell. You can get the Portland tote without a zipper if you prefer.
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  4. I love it, the leather looks awesome!
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  5. It really is. This one will last!
  6. Looks like a keeper, congrats!
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  7. We have such similar bag tastes! I love Portland Leather! My husband bought me the classic large tote (no zipper or outside pocket) in Moab for our third anniversary - the "leather anniversary" at my very frequent and not-at-all subtle suggestions. :biggrin: I had been lusting over a Portland Leather tote for a while for the same reasons you mentioned - I wanted something quality, full-grain, simple that will show marks and age beautifully. I love it.

    I actually loved it so much that I then bought myself the oversized tote in Honey, although I think I'm going to sell the Honey. The two colors do feel different to me. The Moab is super velvety - almost nubuck or suede-like, but still definitely leather - and I really love the feel of it. It's unlike any leather bag I own. The Honey is clearly a beautiful leather, but my Honey is more smooth than the velvety feel of the Moab. It also means that the Moab is more prone to scratches, which honestly bothered me at first, but I had to remind myself that this is what I wanted in the bag! All that being said, I think I actually like the Honey color better, as far as colors go. In the beautiful website photos, I definitely preferred the Moab, but in real life the Honey is it. I had wanted that perfect, cognac, going apple and pumpkin picking in the fall, rugged look, and the Honey fills that color perfectly. The somewhat darker Moab shade puts it somewhere between my perfect cognac and dark brown. BUT, I won't even consider selling the Moab since it was a gift from hubby, and while they are different colors and different sizes, they both fulfill the exact same purpose in my life, so it makes sense to get rid of one.

    Congrats on your new bag! She is a beauty, and I hope you enjoy using her!
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  8. Oh no, I looked up Portland Leather and they’re having a sale. The mini tote is so tempting.
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  9. It looks great on you, thanks for sharing this.
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  10. Looks fab, it will look better and better with age and use I'm sure.
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  11. Lovely.

    I like really "under the radar" bags these days too. In fact, I've started using many, many Madewell totes a few years before this pandemic just because I too am tired of luxury designer goods day in and day out.

    Here are mine.
    IMG_9076.jpeg IMG_0839.jpeg IMG_9581.jpeg
  12. Bag twins!
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  13. I think they always have a sale, lol. I got this one at 25% off of the already reduced price. So it cost a little over $100!
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  14. Great collection. The one with the stripes is nice.
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  15. This is a beautiful bag with clean, simple lines...that front pocket and the gorgeous leather are my favorite elements. This is the kind of bah]g thst will look better and better as it ages and patinas...