Simple Agenda Cover GM

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  1. I have just purchased this to use as a notebook and have been unable to find any reviews on this specific agenda. It's my first Hermes purchase and I'm particularly enamoured with the colours, they are really vibrant. Any advice or thoughts please?....

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  2. Oh, I saw it on Hermes online store and You are the one who bought? Congratulations!

    Can you put your passport in it?
  3. Thank you

    I didn't realise it was the last one until I tried to get a link to it to put on here. I don't know whether a passport can fit but I can check when it arrives.
  4. It's a Vision agenda; you might want to check in the photo only threads. A small spiral bound notebook goes into the metal pieces. I don't think it would hold a passport, but you could try.
  5. Thanks for posting, you have answered the one question I failed to find an answer to :yahoo:

    I looked everywhere but couldn't find a photo of whether the refill had a spiral or not. I was keen to know if it would lie flat when writing like the ulysse one. I guessed I would have to wait until it arrived to see for myself.
  6. This colour combo came in both the reg GM and the Vision. The other bi-colour (bleu Azteque/ Bleu Paon chevre) also came in the same models. It was a while ago when I bought and can't remember if these cw combos came in other sizes.

    I bought the same one (Vision) for a Mother's Day pressie. As far as I know you can buy any of the Vision refills for it, I think a passport would be too wide. You can get your initials stamped on it to personalise.

    I bought the reg GM in BAz/BP at first from the store and was going to return it when my mother preferred the other cw and shape, but then decided to keep it for myself as it's pretty as a peacock :biggrin:. I still haven't got around to getting a refill though :rolleyes:
  7. I have the same Agenda as yours. The colours are Rose Lipstick/Orange Poppy in Chevre leather. This beauty makes me smile each time I see her. These Agendas can hold up pretty well. I have 2 of these. Enjoy your beauty too. ;)
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  8. Thanks for the info - can't believe you have no refills though. There were none online so I phoned around and a lovely chap called Thomas from Royal Exchange London assisted with a mail order. I bought two lined refills just in case they become scarce :smile:

    Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying yours and look forward to doing the same :smile:
  9. I know, but originally it was for my mother and I didn't want to guess which kind she'd prefer. After buying her the Vision/refills online instead I was going to return the blue GM so there was no point. Now I'm keeping it I'll look for refills, I'm sure I'll find some ;)

    Congrats on your BTW

  10. Just teasing. I'm like you right now, an agenda with nothing in it

  11. Believe it or not my British and Irish passports do fit in. With one it will close comfortably but not with two. I don't think you would have room for the spiral refill and the passport. The thing I did notice was that with the cover in the slot of the agenda it added a firmness to the cover that I liked as its really supple and pliable.
  12. :hugs:

    I think I'm just feeling a little guilty I didn't return it :P