Simple 85MM Pump (Mia)

  1. Ok, I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOE! Most comfortable ever!

    Does anyone know of any other colors they come in? I'm strictly looking for the 85mm. I know they have a lot of colors for the 100mm. But hopefully they have some cute colors for the smaller heel?

    Like patent nude or red...

    Thanks ladies!
  2. I know that NAP has the nude kid leather in 85mm.
    And Saks just received some new colors of the 85mm simple pump - taupe and turquoise.
  3. Kamilla did you see those in the Saks store??? (the turquiose and taupe) Are the turq ones a really bright? or more subdued!?
  4. Bos - yes, I saw them at Saks in NY. The turquoise was beautiful, it wasn't an obnoxious bright color, it was like the perfect shade of the caribbean ocean.
  5. hummmm.... sounds nice!
  6. wow sounds amazing... guess its time to call Anne! Thanks for the info Kamilla!:p
  7. Kamilla, is it the same color as the new simples on the Saks website?
  8. No, it's much lighter than the royal blue new simples on It is a true turquoise color.
  9. whoa whoa there are turq simple pumps???? wow do they only come in the simple pump or other styles too??? more info please:smile:
  10. I only saw the turquoise in the simple pump but I am sure that there will be other styles as well, they were lighter than these blue simple pumps:
  11. I think you could wear turquoise with a bunch!!!:tup: I want to see these!!
  14. Where did you see them??? I would love :heart:these!!!:tup::yes:

    Ok never mind, it was Saks NY... sorry
    I think I need this shoe
  15. Do you know if they will have them online? Turquoise sounds really interesting!!!