Simple 85 Nude or Black Patent?

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  1. I'm buying my wife her fourth pair of CL's. She already has a pair of No Prive's, (black patent) Very Prive's (Black with red tip.) and she recently picked up a pair of minipass sandals in red patent on sale at Saks.

    She really wants a shoe that she can wear to the office on a semi-regular basis. She has her eye on Simple 85's.

    My question is nude patent or black patent? which will get more wear?


  2. Oh gosh, both are beautiful, it's so hard to pick. :Push:
    I would go with black patent if she wears a lot of suits, and nude patent if she wears more dresses and colourful clothes to work.

    Something to add is that a while ago I was comtemplating about these two pairs (black patent & nude patent simples) and I've decided to go with a pair of black simples and nude VPs to solve my problem. :P

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks,

    This is probably a dumb question, but is it proper to wear Nude in the fall and winter?
  4. ^ I wear nude all the time, I wouldnt worry about the seasons.
  5. Since she already has 2 pairs of black CL's, I would go for the nude Simples :tup: She can definitely wear it all year round, and it would be great for the office.
  6. ^ITA. Nude simples will be a fabulous addition to her collection.
  7. Thanks so much for the advice. I'm going to surprise her with them for her birthday. She has become obsessed with CL's...actually we're both kinda obsessed with CL's now.:smile:

    I'm really looking forward to seeing the men's collection this fall.
  8. Definitely nude. It goes with everything and she can wear it year-round.
  9. I would go for nude, since she already has black pairs and I think nudes are good for every season!
  10. I would go with nude too.
  11. another vote for nude! year round appropriate, work appropriate, and classic. aren't you nice!

  12. i agree!
  13. Black.

    And how sweeeeeeeet!
  14. and yet another vote for the nude.
  15. well you know, you can always buy her both pairs ;)

    but like someone said, she already has a black pair, so I'd go for the nude - it really is a versatile shoe.

    Anyway, very sweet of you to buy her CLs - I wish my hubby did the same lol :P