Simone will be coming to SF in OCT !

  1. I have just been told by a very nice SA in Norstrom SF that Simone will be coming to San Franciso Bay Area on the 14th of October & Nordstrom will be preselling Tokidoki new print bags. I am thinking it will be the Vacanze print.
    I ammm sooo happy ! Finnaly, I will get to meet Simone :yahoo:. I can't wait !
  2. ahhh you're so lucky Julie!!! When is he coming to NY?!! lol
  3. YAY! Here's more dates I got from my friend!

    09 Sep-Grove in LA
    16 Sep-South Coast Plaza
    06 Oct-Topanga
    14 Oct-San Francisco.
  4. do we just need to call Nordstrom to get on some kind of list? i know i put my name down on vf Nordies list. i want to go. must save date on my calendar!!! i'm so excited.
  5. whoohoo!! meeting him again ^^ n this time i'll be living in SF by then! YAY
  6. OMGOMG!!! yaya!!!!! RIGHT before my bday... I know what DH is getting me.... :graucho:
  7. Ohhhh do you know if we need to get on a list to meet him??? SF not to far of a drive for DF to take me.
  8. nah u just gotta show up that's all..its open to everyone =)
  9. Yes, you dont have to sign up or anything. I guess we must be there realllyy really to get in line or else the line would be insanely long.
  10. For some reason I am tempted to go to LA, South Coast Plaza, and SF when he's there. My home is in Orange County and my boyfriend's home is in San Francisco. AM I NUTS?! haha, then I won't have to bring so many bags for him to sign at one time... I'm planning to go to the San Diego Comic Con too (since I'm staying in San Diego for school over the summer).

    Is that too much Simone Legno? Haha.
  11. how early is really really early? :p
  12. yayy!!! :yahoo: i'm definitely going, hopefully i wont have any classes that day!
  13. Wish I could go. My brother lives in Sacramento, but I won't be visiting until Xmas. Stupid work and high cost of air travel.:push:

    Odds are we won't be seeing Simone in Ohio anytime soon.:nogood:
  14. Just a head up, he was only signing two items per person when I went to meet him this past Mar. '07. I think he signed five items per person the first round of signing (in '06), but the line got too long and it was moving too slow. So the second round (the time I went), they limited it to two items. I am pretty sure they will limit to two items again since he is super popular now. I want to go again, but DH probably won't go with me hehe.
  15. OH MY GOSHHHHH finally he's coming back! i missed him last year but not this year! its 2 days after my birthday too! i am SO SO SO there!