Simone Legno to speak at GraphikaManila in Sept!

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  1. I can't believe I'm going to miss Simone in person by 2 weeks! I'm going to the Philippines at the end of August and I just found out that he's going to be a guest speaker at a Graphic/Multimedia Design event at Mall of Asia! And that's just not even 5 minutes away from my house in Manila! :crybaby:Whhhyyyy!!??

    He will be speaking, and signing autographs and drawing pretty pictures and posing for photos (none for me :sad:) on Saturday, Sept 20.

    for more info on the event:

    Oh well.. guess I'll have to catch him next time. For those in Manila and plan to go, pls say hi to him for me!
  2. I am going!!! Do you think he's going to sign bags? I'm soooo excited.:smile:
  3. really!? he's gonna sign autograps and draw pics!!!? too bad the bag i want is back to original retail...300USD for a notte cucciolo:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  4. If you want a laptop bag you can try current season's Mezzanotte Creativa, black with shiny gold leather trimmings. New collection bags have more interior organization pockets which are better sewn than Lesportsac ones. Interior lining is Nana Stars and more.

    CREATIVA - $ 248.00 Product ID: 3104.5865 Large messenger bag with roomy exterior mesh pockets, full size exterior back pocket, two underflap pockets, zip closure main compartment, interior phone and music player pockets, interior zip pocket and large mesh pockets. 16.5Wx13Hx4 5/8D
  5. and it's got an awesome interior too (borrowed from the listing on the bay for graziosa)

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  6. they stil dont have the new tokis for sale here...:crybaby:and im sure it would cost even more!!!:cursing:
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  8. the lining is sooo cute!!!!