Simone Legno in Hawaii (again)

  1. Yuka at LeSportsac ALa Moana announced that Simone Legno will be back on Saturday, November 17th! He will be signing from 1-4 but she recommends that you come early (8-9am) to start standing in line!
  2. I :heart: the title to the thread. It almost seems like you're annoyed that he's coming back!! AGAIN :cursing::cursing::cursing:
    :lol::lol::lol: I can only imagine the line to see him in HI. The line in SF was outrageous and there are 10 times as many people who love him over there. The line in NY was super short, New Yorkers have no love for him! :lol:
  3. HMM, when will he come to SF again?
  4. Lucky island you know when he will be back in Los Angeles?
  5. I'm so jealous!
  6. I'll be there! Thanks for the info.
  7. Disney, I'll meet you there..and this time we'll lots to sign! What time shall we go this time? LOL
  8. O:huh:..i'll be there!

    it's most likely for the Vacanze Release.
  9. And I believe the possible re-release of Foresta, the only re-release print for this year (hint: means others to come next year).
  10. Ah, there's none of my items I want signed... unless it's just a piece of paper. *lol*

    tokibebe: I thought the Foresta re-release was going to be sometime in 2008...? That's what I read in the other thread, unless it got updated and I didn't see it? I'd love it if it got re-released sooner!!
  11. of course this is awesome news. we all need to meet up & stand in line together. there was a limit of 3 items signed last time, so you may hafta pick & choose what you want signed the most.

    i can't wait!
  12. How do you do it, if you are standing in line for 5+ hours and have to use the restroom?! I may have to coordinate meeting with you all to stand in line together, so that we can run out for restroom or snack breaks! :push:

    Maya - I'm pretty sure that's what I recall Rick saying, that the buyer(s) re-ordered Foresta and they expect it in the same time as Vacanze's release. I hope I'm not releasing any spoiler info that wasn't supposed to be released, but he did say it out loud to me in the store. I guess we just have to wait and see, as Hawaii timelines always get pushed back and the expectation might not be the reality.
  13. oh don't worry, Yuka told me that too!
  14. ^^^ Yes, this is true. The staff at Waikele also confirmed this info :yes:
  15. When I was at Waikele yesterday they were fielding calls with people asking for Foresta. I was thinking that it must be a TPFer calling the store! LOL