Simone Legno does eBay too!

  1. Wonder how he feels when he sees his signed bags are auctioned off? Don't really know if he actually check for Toki bags but it's a thought. I remember sometime back someone selling her autographed bag and said that Simone is her friend. I have nothing against it if Simone approves though.
  2. i always get leary of people saying it's autographed but they did it themselves.
  3. Yeah, I wouldn't buy something that's signed for fear that the seller just put it on the bag... It doesn't seem like a terribly hard autograph to copy~
  4. I saw a signed PG Caramella on eBay a day or so ago. The little picture is hard to see as it's in a gold ink against the craziness of PG heh. I didn't think much of it, was just browsing through caramellas -- then took a second look but thought, why did he sign it there? /shrug
  5. I have a caramella just like the one on eBay that's signed and he signed mine in the same spot so it's probably real. He actually drew the same exact flower on mine in the same spot!! :nuts: I think there's no good place to sign the tan pg bags outside b/c there's so much going on the signature gets lost! :p
  6. I think it sucks to get something signed and then turn around and sell it. It obviously didn't mean that much to you then, you know? I'd only get something signed by someone I really liked if I was going to keep it. :shrugs:
  7. i think some ppl get it signed thinking that it'd help boost the price coz not everyone can get their bags signed.
    I, personally, got mine signed coz it kinda personalized my tokidoki even more :dothewave:
  8. I won that tan pg caramella auction last night! I can finally rest in peace now that I have a tan pg item. I don't care if it has a fake signature on it, as long as the bag is real. I'm just so happy that I didn't have to pay a lot over retail for it.
  9. From what TokiliciousJen said, it's real. :smile: Grats on your new acquisition!

    I do have to agree that there probably is no good open spot on PG :party: to sign anyway lol.