SIMONE LEGNO @ Comic-Con 2007!

  1. Hey I just got an email back from Simone and he said he'll be there at Comic-Con! Here's what he said.. i'll just copy and paste from my work acct...

    This is so cool! Tehlilone.. we have to go there!

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    From: Simone Legno []
    Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2007 10:59
    To: Abutin, Aileen B CTR PEO C4I PMW 760
    Subject: Re: COMIC-CON?

    Hello Aileen!
    We'll see you there! I can't miss comic-con! We'll have tokidoki booth in the art toy area!
    ciao ciao

    On 24/apr/07, at 20:11, Abutin, Aileen B CTR PEO C4I PMW 760 wrote:

    Hi, Will Tokidoki have a booth at Comic-Con this year? And by chance will Simone be appearing?? =) Thanks.

    Very Respectfully,
  2. YAY!!! now I really want it to be July... I :heart: yoooou... the adios and ciao ciao should be there by then right? I might just wait until comic-con. Did you see their booth last year? I couldn't find it (I think) or at least the fans everyone had lol... do they charge tax if you did go? that's the plus I get from waiting until comic con :love: cheaper stuff and no tax :yahoo:
  3. O___o where is Comic-con held?
  4. darn it! i won't be able to go this year too! i'm so bummed. the booth was small last year & it was so swamped from people buying tshirts, that i couldn't fit in to look myself! it was crazy!
  5. what do they sell at the comic con booths? all their typical/regular stuff? or something else unique and limited?
  6. it's the San Diego International Comic-Con so it's in downtown San Diego... This year they had the first (or second I forget) NYCC but SDCC is still one of the most popular comic cons out there :smile: it's so fun but it's getting so crowded :wtf: when I first started going it was crowded but last year it became ridiculus. I felt like I was stuck in rush hour traffic most of the time lol

    Buttrpecan1: aww why aren't you going this year? and just curious what do you usually go for? maybe that's why I didn't see it with the swarm of people. I remember seeing the black bunny shirt I got somewhere but it was always too crowded I usually pass through those areas fast... it's probably going to be worse this year :crybaby: I hope they have a bigger booth or something... definitly checking it out on wednesday night :smile:

    Sempre: usually people sell regular stuff but sometimes things only obtainable there. The also have the latest stuff they're producing and/or have news of their items. Also artists always pop up at different booths! Like my gloomy bear is signed by the artist and I took a pic with him :biggrin: it made me happy if Simone is there (which he probably will be) I'll be like :nuts:
  7. We used to go to the Comic-Con in Chicago all the time back when we lived in Racine WI. I have yet to go to one here but it looks like this will have to be the year to go. I think we should get a group together to go and INVADE the booth.
  8. Thanks Jenn, my bf wanted to go one if it is THIS year..that would kick ass.
  9. Here's the website.. just click on Comic-Con International San Diego..

    They have cons all over, but SD hosts the largest out them all. Fanatics fly from all over for the 4 day weekend! Kids are free btw.. =) If you purchase a 4 day pass, then you get to go to Preview Night (WED) and that's the best time cause you get to see everything first and beat the crowds! You can click on the Exhibitors to see who's going to be there.

    We go every year, and I agree, I think last year was SUPER crowded.. all of sudden everyone's going!
    The kids love getting freebies, watching anime, checking out the panels and also seeing all the new stuff that hasn't been released yet to the public and trying to win raffle pieces!

    I remember going to the Toki-Doki booth, but at that time i didn't even know much about it. I saw the fans, shirts, toys, etc.. so this time I'll be sure to go there first!
  10. omg me and my friends are such nerds - we wanna go so bad! we go to anime conventions and stuff around here, but NOTHING compares to COMIC CON!!! its just gonna be like, 4 days of running around in cos-play outfits, playing video games, reading manga & watching anime... :nuts:

    and of course, bonding with fellow nerds and probably stalking the tokidoki booth! :p
  11. oh gosh..if we go, it'll be alot of money to catch a plane there, get a car & hotel for a few days lolz. Is Simone going to be there all 3-4 days? HAHA, if I go to Cali, I NEED to go to JapanLA. I don't care how far it is lol.
  12. ^haha, that'd be awesome if you came to cali!

    wow cool! i'd love to go to comic-con this year! :] i don't know why i didn't go last year :x
  13. mmhmmm! gosh i want to go so badly lolz. i mean i already met simone before...but ehh comic con looked fun on attack of the show when they went last year and filmed it :biggrin:
  14. Where's the one in NY, if there is one?
  15. Hahah.. yeah we are a bunch of nerds huh! But it's so fun! My sister went with us (keep in mind she's not into this stuff), she lasted only half a saturday! HAHA..

    Here's my daughter nikki getting her Ugly Doll "Peaco" signed when she won it! She got the first release!

    Saturday will be crazy....:wtf: