Simone Legno appearing in San Diego

  1. Hello all! I just found out that Simone Legno will be appearing at Comic-Con in San Diego, July 26th - 29th. TokiDoki will have a retail booth selling stuff, and hopefully Legno will be there to sign prints, toys, shirts, etc....

    I'm not sure how many of you are "into" this kind of thing, but I might take my Famiglia bag down to be autographed.

    *geeky* I know :shame:

    But I love TokiDoki and think it would be fun to meet the gentleman who has brought soo much fun to my purse collection

  2. welcome :smile:

    lol... a lot of us are actually going to be there :biggrin: you might try searching for comic-con since we have a thread floating a little while back... most likely we're all meeting up and stuff
  3. EEK! I am sorry I didn"t use the "search" function:sad: My bad....

    I will look for the original thread, just didn't want to "necropost" LOL Feel free to delete my post! Sorry again!
  4. lol... no need to be sorry :smile: I was just letting u kno since we talked about quite a bit in there and it might reveal some things u don't have questions for yet ;) mayhaps
  5. I wish I could go :sad:
  6. y do all the cool things happen on the west coast? :crybaby: