Simone Legno Appearances

  1. Hey, I read in a previous post somewhere that Simone will be appearing at The Grove in LA this Sunday, Sept 9. Does anyone know where exactly he will be? I've never been to The Grove before. Thank you!!
  2. I have not heard this. I check the website and didn't see any appearances- where did you hear this from? would he be at a retail store?
  3. ah! thanks so much lucky mango! =)
  4. Yeah that was awhile ago. I had a feeling things can change. I emailed him and i got a reply back today. He said he won't be there cause he'll be in Italy. :crybaby:So i'd make sure to probably call the stores to confirm. I'm sure they'd know.
  5. :cursing:I am so sad and mad.....:crybaby:thx Aileen
  6. Does this only refer to his appearance at the Grove in L.A.? Or all of his dates?
  7. I'm not sure. :confused1: I have a feeling all the dates listed in that one thread could have changed! =( Would the dept stores know ahead of time if they were expecting someone like him to be there? I remember reading a post that he would be in the bay area in Oct.

    We def need an updated schedule of his signings..
  8. aw that sucks. but thank you leen619!!
  9. noooooo! i took those dates as a for sure thing!!! dang! i have it written down in my calender as the grove for this sunday, south coast plaza next sunday, and SF Nordstrom Oct. 14. And i was thinking about going to all three!!! are there any more simone appearances that are perhaps more official? ( i haven't visited this forum in awhile and just checked it today to see if there were people going this sunday to the grove to see simone... good thing i checked because he might not be there??!!)