Simone in NYC!!!

  1. If you guys check the tokidoki website, under the blog, he's gonna be in NYC next weekend! So if any of you NYC area tPFers wanna meet up - let me know!

    Simone will be in New York for 2 events next week. Come by and say HI!

    Friday October 12th

    Saturday October 13th
    7:00pm to 10:00pm
    15 Gansevoort Street
    NYC, 10014
    t: 212 242 5511
    f: 646 336 6845

  2. omg omg!! i live in DC...i'm REALLY thinking about driving up there for that weekend!! >__<!
  3. Ohhh yes finally!!!!
    so we need to buy tickets for the we need to buy tickets for the yoyashop?
  4. OMG, WHY DO I HAVE TO WORK ON FRIDAY?!!!!! I may go to the one at Yoyashop, I get out of dance at 7:30 (I have to go because I missed last week), so I should make it there by 8:30 or so.

    Is it bad that one of the reasons why I sort of know where Yoyashop is because I've been to a bar near there (Angels and Kings), lol.
  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww no....Simone, be there at the right times so I can meet you!
  6. OMG I'm gonna go!!! I wasn't sure about going to Sneaker Pimps because I didn't know how crazy crowded it'd be and all. And are you guaranteed to meet him at this event? Is anyone gonna go to that one?

    I was thinking more of going to the YoyaMart one since I figure it's a store, there will just be a line and I'm guaranteed to see him.

    I'd love to do a meet up!!
  7. I am tentatively in for YoyaMart on Saturday night and would love to do a meet-up!
  8. Maybe I can swing by to the shop on Saturday... I have a show to attend at Snitch later that night in Chelsea.