Simone!!! Hows about Tokidoki Wii Skins????

  1. :idea:ok, if you are reading this, Simone, how about designing Tokidoki Wii skins???? (for the Wii console, remote and nunchuk)...its not a stretch cus you already have skins for ipods!!!! :tup:.....and ah, hows about a Tokidoki Wii game??? :yes: heeeheheheheheh
  2. that would be cute :tup:
  3. While I do think it'd be cute, I also think it's a bit of a stretch. The iPod and various laptops have skins because they're portable and you want to protect them. Only once in a blue moon do I move my Wii. :smile:

    I'd much rather see an 80 gig iPod skin first! XD
  4. I can't imagine how much the wii console skins would be ><

    Even better and faster way is to just stick stickers on it XD ..or paint.

    Or bring your wiii TO HIM to sign and DRAW?!!?? Hahahhahaha.
  5. Well...idk about price, but it couldn't be that much eh? I mean, it's not by'll be by some other brand hmm? lol. But yeahh I think it's a cool idea. Right now I just have a pink skin thingy on my wii-mote. & toki game, yessssssss~!
  6. Ohh...we should get together and play on the wii!! My bf has it at his house and i know you can play with other people with wiis!! Im so down!
  7. well, apparently they have wii skins for the Wii already, so toki ones would be nice. or for the 360. or for my PSP. heh. :biggrin:
  8. ohhhh yes!!! that would be so kool! can you imagine playing a multiplayer tokidoki game on wii???? sweeeet!!! i haven't connected my wii to the net yet....did your BF hook it up? was it complicated????

    and yeah, tachikomatic, that is the website i was looking at and oooogling the wii skins!!!! aren't they nice???? and i just bought glow in the dark skins for my wii remote and nunchuks.....but they are plain....i could totally see tokidoki skins on my wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! :graucho:
  9. I just got a wii and I love it. A lot more than my XBOX 360. Anyways, I think that would be a cool idea with the skins or make an XBOX 360 plate cover. :supacool:

  10. oohhh yeah!! can you imagine??? have tokidoki skins on the wii and get him to sign those???? yeah!!!! but then you have to lug it there! so what you need is a tokidoki wii bag!!!!! :nuts: LOLOLOLOL <OMG, i think i need to go to therapy>
  11. that website has some cute stuff. haha! GID stuff is awesome though! I don't have a Wii..yet, but i'd totally get a toki PSP skin. Might even use my PSP more then. :biggrin: I think my bf would object to a toki 360 faceplate, though. boo.
  12. Oh man, you're lucky to have a psp cus you can play tomb raider!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! all i's can play is tomb raider legend on GC on Wii :tdown:. that totally blows.
    so if Simone does a tokidoki game, it betta be multiplatform!!! :tup:
  13. Someone should email Simone and suggest it. You never know, it could happen.
  14. My bf would actually like a wii skin & for the wii mote too hahah...well if it has adios anyway.
  15. and while he's at it, he should make a toki skin for the DS! i'd jump on that in a heartbeat!