simone at comic-con??

  1. has anyone gotten a confirmation that simone or tokidoki will be at the comic con?? I am planning on going on thurs but I only want to go if for sure they will be there cuz I'm not really into the rest of the stuff that will be there. They are supposed to have nickelodeon stuff too for the kiddos, so that will be good.
  2. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere on the forum like a month or so ago that someone got an email from simone saying he will be there...? hmm.
  3. yah I think aileen emailed him and he said he'd be there.
  4. I got an email from him a few days ago saying he would defintely be there the whole time -- "from set-up to shut-down"!
  5. the whole time -- "from set-up to shut-down"!

    So this means all FOUR days?! not just ONE day?!?!

    pleaaaase tell me he will be there all FOUR days!!!!
  6. Exact quote from Simone as of July 7:

    "Yes I will be at comic-con for the whole time....from the setting up to the very end! I can't wait!"

  7. I also posted about him being there... he emailed me a while back tho so I'm sure the most recent (ie. Eejit's quote) is more accurate

    May 31st -"I will be..I'd say almost all the least 4...5-6 hours a
    day..the lines will be long unfortunately for you guys! I always try to be as quick not to make people wait!
    Ciao ciao have a wonderful day!
    Simone (^-^)"
  8. Yep I'd say Eejit's is the most current reply. But so far he's replied to all of us that he'd be there and wouldn't miss it! =)