Simon Cowell

  1. 18th October 2006


    Simon Cowell has hit out at Charlotte Church, saying the pop star has thrown away a 'massive operatic' career. And he warned other young wannabe stars "don't go there".

    The outspoken TV judge told Classic FM: "She was our representative. And this was a girl who in my opinion, with a bit of training and some work, could have been a massive massive operatic star for the next few years because she's really talented," he said.
    "To me, it appears as if she's thrown it all away for this different career. She's crazy."

    The X Factor judge said he wanted to drop the admission age on his talent show to 12, as it was "the new 20".
    But he added: "What I don't want is six Charlotte Churches - I don't want that. I don't want them on chat shows swearing at the age of 20 in a few years time.

    "I can't bear all that. In fact I'm almost thinking about sending them each a poster of Charlotte Church with a big cross on it - 'don't go there'."
    Welsh singer Church recently announced she was taking a year out from music to concentrate on her new TV career. The former child star has been given two more series of The Charlotte Church Show for next year.
    Church lost the ratings battle with Jonathan Ross but managed to pull in around two million viewers after her launch on Channel 4. Tissues and Issues, her last album, reached number five last summer.
  2. charlotte church? is she the one who sang christian songs last time? i never thought i would hear about her again. hmms..
  3. what did she do... :shrugs:
  4. i know that she has her own show, did she stop singing or something?
  5. I hope it has nothing to do with her weight gain.
  6. she has a show, and she just swears all the time.. she has a great voice but istn using it unfortunalty

    i think shes soo pretty thogh
  7. She went down the pop route...I think thats what he is talking aobut
  8. I think there's more to it: the swearing, the poor image etc. she's could be turning into a British Britney
  9. She looks lovely in the picture above.

    She is young and doing what she chooses to do at the moment. It is not necessarily correct or wrong, but what she chooses. She has the voice and people are forgiving. She can always return to singing beautiful songs. She has a special gift. For now, she is having fun and is no different than any of the young, rich celebs these days.
  10. ^^ i totally agree with u ...
  11. I agree. I don't think she's using it to the best of her abilities. I remember her gorgeous voice when she was younger. That's what I loved about her. I miss that Charlotte Church. If she needs time to figure out what she wants to do, that's fine cause it's her life and her choice. Just seems a waste to me cause others would've used that talent to the best that they can.
  12. Interested to hear opinions on Simon Cowell, I like him! Think you either love him or hate him!
  13. I love him. I think he's kinda hot. I like jerks. :roflmfao:

    And that accent... ;)
  14. I like him very much!! I think he is honest in a way that may not be pleasant for others but with anything in life...sometimes the truth hurts! He has a talent for finding talent. He does make mistakes, but I appreciate that he will apologize and say he was wrong..and often times I think the artist in question just happened to improve!!
  15. Thumbs up!