Similiar interests other than Tokidoki?

  1. So we all LOVE Tokidoki here on this forum. I wonder if we have other similar interests as well. Tokidoki is definitely not something that appeals to everyone, ao I am wondering, are the same kind of people drawn to Tokidoki?

    What are your other interests/hobbies?

    I LOVE Disney, especially the theme parks. We are taking the baby to Disney World for his first trip next month. It will be the first of many, many trips in the future. :p

    I also love to read, and Reality TV is my guilty pleasure.
  2. I'm a HUUUUUGE DISNEY FAN too!! :nuts: Especially with the classics! Aladdin :love:

    I know there are a lot of girls here that love Hello Kitty too! And are addicted to (I know I am! LOL)

    There's also a lot of girls that used to/still like Coach, LV, and other name brand stuff! I'm still a Coach lover! :smile:

    Vinyl dolls/toy collecting.. Harajuku lovers.. lots of stuff!
  3. I'm still a Coach lover!! And I like certain Sanrio characters!!
  4. Sanrio, Harajuku Lovers, plushies, anime, Japanese pop music. :biggrin:
  5. i love hello kitty and harry potter!!
  6. Harry Potter is awesome! :heart:
  7. I :heart: Disney everything!!! I collect their snowglobes.. I love reading too. My fav books are Pride and Prejudice (anything by Jane Austin really), ALL the Harry Potter Books, The Picture of Dorian Gray, ALL the Bridget Jones books, ALL the Confessions of a Shopaholic, anything by O.Henry and Roald Dahl, oooh and I LOVE ALL the Sherlock Holmes stories..
    I also love music but HATE rap and hip hop and all that daddy yankee stuff.
    What I like is A Perfect Circle, Dido, Skye Edwards, Sabrepulse, Enya, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Louis Armstrong and anything from the 50's and 80's and Classical Music...
    I :heart: the Opera too.. lol I havent found many people around my age that like it. I have to force my hubby to go. And he doesnt understand why I cry everytime I see Phantom of the Opera. Or when I cried when I watched Paul Potts sing opera on Britians Got Talent. And I saw that 3 times and each time I

    I never liked Coach but I do LOVE Isabella Fiore.. And have 3 of her purses. One with a Gypsy reading a magic ball, 2 1950's women speaking, and one with a Buddha...

    Does anyone have something in common with me? because I am pretty much a black sleep here in
  8. i like hello kitty and adore harry potter! though i must admit that i can't stand disney stuff, but that's mostly for boring political reasons. other handbags i like are balenciaga and cole haan, and i'm currently obsessed with the gucci aviatrix :push:
  9. I love anime, large plushies, and vinyl toys. Other than tokidokis, I buy gucci.
  10. Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, All things Japanese, Anime, Manga, Cosplay, Video Games, Sanrio, Disney - in other words, all of the above! :nuts:
  11. I love the disney characters too. I like to play video games and scrapbook as my hobbies.
  12. I'm going to have to be a voice of dissent.. Disney kind of scares me. :shame: .. yeahhh.. I liked Ratatouille but otherwise, too scary !!

    I love love love Vuitton as well. :graucho:
  13. Oh, how could I forget Harry Potter? I am HUGE HP fan! Also being a theme park fan I am SO EXCITED about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter that they are building at Islands of Adventure in Orlando. :yahoo:

    I like Coach and Louis Vuitton too, but Tokidoki is much more afordable. :p My everyday purse is a Louis Vuitton Pochette Bosphore, which I love.
  14. Oooh I also LOVE Absolutely Fabulous and Little Britain and Mr. Bean.. And period pieces like The Forsyte Saga, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Little Women, and etc..
    Anything of Fantasy I :heart: like Merlin and Mist of Avalon..

    I know I am bit of a nut with all the things I like and how random they are to each oh well. I like what I like.. :p

    Oh And I am a total video gamer..I love role playing games... I LOVE Fable (if you played then you know why my title is Chicken Chaser), Jade Empire, Oblivion, Morrowind, and DYING for the New Fable due out next year...
  15. I love animation... stop motion & Pixar stuff primarily. I'm a huge fan of Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride and have tons of toys from both. I guess I like cute skeleton things... and that's why I was drawn into Toki... by Adios.