Similar to Hermes?

  1. What bags, besides the Mulberry Bayswater, would you compare to a similar style/look as Hermes? (Before anyone hunts me down, I know the craftsman ship of Hermes is superior), just looking to get suggestions :p

  2. Valextra is pretty similar to Hermes.
  3. Pierotucci bags?
  4. I just posted about this in another thread, but the Ignes Ormala reminds me very much of the Birkin.

    The leather is incredible, the workmanship all hand-made. It's just a beautiful bag that gives you so much for a very reasonable price.

    I can't post the link directly since it uses flash but if you go to the handbag section under large day bags, you will see it there. (It's also the bag shown in the featured picture.) I have the one in Whiskey and I love it. They also engraved my initials into the bag. Such a lovely company. :heart::heart::heart:
  5. The Ferragamo Gancio (Gancini?) satchels remind me very much of Plumes, my fav Hermes style, because it zips closed and has handles long enough to fit easily under the shoulder. Neiman Marcus online has some lovely examples, especially a nice one in a bronze python (the stores also have it in mocha or beige ostrich).
  6. Maxx New York has a bag that reminds me of the Bayswater. Sorry I don't know how t do pics and links, but I have seen it on ebags,, Zappos...
  7. Thank you ladies. Since this may be a passing fad for me, I was hoping for something not too expensive.

    JadeJett- I posted to you in the other thread as well, but the bag you recommended is out of stock.
  8. Juicy Couture actually made a bag similar to a Birkin style when they first came out with their handbag collections. I actually owned one in the baby blue - I figured it was the closest I'd ever get to a Blue Jean Birkin (until I got my Bayswater!!).

    They're a couple years old, but you might still find one on eBay or second-hand. They only sold for around $300-400. I've actually seen them on eBay for less than $200.

    This was mine:
    juicy1.JPG juicy11.JPG
  9. Judie, here's a couple of pics of my Pierotucci bag. I got it a few months ago during their sale and it's a fabulous bag!
    Kellygreen1.jpg Kellygreen2.jpg
  10. Grace- wow, that is one gorgeous bag!!!!!!!! Do you wanna sell it to me? :p

    Can I ask you how much was it? When do they have sales?

    Thank you for sharing your pictures.
  11. Wow, Grace, that bag is so beautiful. Thank you for posting these pictures. I am definitely going to research these bags!
  12. Are these bags heavy???

    Sometime soon I am going to check out the leather Longchamp ones.