Similar to darel bag: what do you think?

I think if it's going to be abused and that's a reasonable price--go for it! It's hard to spend a lot on purses that you know are just going to get abused, so I think it's not a good idea to spend a lot on them...

I'd pick black b/c my wardrobe doesn't work as well with brown--so I'd look at your clothes and see what would work best. Cute bag!
HI Muppy,

I think there's a Gerard Darel store in London - I spoke to a store in the UK a couple of weeks ago. I don't have the number, sorry.
It looks like a total copy but less refined and leather doesn't look as nice. Why don't you try the GD shop on 31 Old Bond Street in London (020 7495 7007)? I am not too fond of copies. The real thing is only a little more expensive. I am quite sure they have in stock, if not they will order it for you from Paris since they have plenty there. Good luck.
Hey there,

I say go for it; if you are going to carry it to school it will probably get some wear and tear to it! As i was looking and thinking of getting a GD bag myself, this alternative isn't too bad. It's a nice copy and it looks slouchy as the darel.;)