Similar to Cabas Mezzo but w/o vachetta bottom?

  1. Hello! I saw a lady the other day carrying a bag similar is size/shape to the Cabas Mezzo, but it did not have vachetta on the bottom.

    I checked Elux and and the closest thing I could find to this is the Vavin GM, and it doesn't look like the same shape.

    Was hers a fake or did I just miss the bag on the websites? Thanks!!:yes:
  2. Hmmm I don't think the Vavins have a zipper like the Mezzo bags??
  3. Yeah I think you are is not the same shape as the bag that I saw either. :sad: Ugh I am so confused! I will be mortified if I was drooling over a fake!
  4. I think you're talking about a Sac Shopping, which has been discontinued for some time now, I believe. Here are some pics:


  5. UGH!! No, thats closer to the shape, but it didn't have the leather strips running down the front.

    OK I officially think that I was seduced by a FAKE!!! :sad:
  6. Yeah I can't think of anything else...

    The bags I had in mind were the Sac Shopping and Babylone? :shrugs:
  7. Nope I saw the babylone on and it has the leather straps down the front like the bag you pictured. Oh, well...thanks for trying to help out though:smile:
  8. probably lucco, close and also discontinued now
  9. Aww man!!

  10. The Luco was on ebay last night. Try and do a search. I was looking at it. Nice bag and not muhc vachetta to worry about
  11. I was in the boutique today on my lunch hour and tried on both the mezzo and the piano...i felt like piano was too small but mezzo was too big! Darn it! And I'm not a fan of that bottom piece either.

    I will NEVER find the solution to this it seems.

    Good post.
  12. Thanks, Iluvbags! I will have to do a search.

    Vsminimoose-- hee hee thanks...I love the bag but the all vachetta bottom concerns me alittle:sad:
  13. The Batignolles Horizontal is a PERFECT tote, did you check that out? Its featherlight and really sharp.
  14. Thanks for the links, Tink!! They are all so pretty! That is DEFINITELY the bag I was thinking of!! Thanks:smile: