Similar to bobbi brown foundation warm sand??

  1. Hi pretty girls!!!

    I need an advice.....
    I would like to change my bobbi brown foundation (oil free) warm sand to other brand like Estee Lauder,Dior,Chanel...but the most important i would like to know which color and product is very similar to mine...
    Any idea?
    I don´t want to go personally to Estee Lauder or Clinique because I´ve purchased the wrong color many times...and i go crazy trying so many items...:hysteric:
    I trust you...:yes:
  2. Hi!

    I use Bobbi Brown in warm sand as well for foundation. A good recommendation for an alternative to try is Laura Mercier. I use their oil-free silk creme foundation in Sand Beige. It provides ample coverage but is quite sheer so your face won't look heavily caked on. If you have a clear complexion and don't need as much coverage, try their tinted moisturizer in the same shade. It'll work wonders! ;)
  3. Ohh!! Thanks cherriejubilee !!!
    i will see her web site in seconds. I haven´t see that brand in the store. It reminds me to Watches Baume and Mercier...:idea:
    I hope to find it and tell you soon!!!