Similar to bal qualities but cheaper? question for the flirters..

  1. I've noticed a couple bal ladies heading to other forums so maybe you can help me out..

    Anyway, my sister's bday is coming up, and she looves my jaune city (said she would want it in a caramelish/camel color) but it's a bit too pricey to buy and she'd kill me if I did (not to mention make me return it!lol)

    Sooo any reccomendations for a caramel/tan, not-too-busy/classic, still great slouchy leather, cheaper (under 450?) and around city-sized bag? I know I won't be able to get her a bag the same quality, I'm just looking for some suggestions. Tia.
  2. hMm... under 450... what about the Coach hobo's? I'm not exactly sure what there called... but they have some caramel hobo's with turn locks on them.
  3. so maybe If I get my mom to throw down a little I could maybe take some suggestions for nearish to 600 or 650
  4. Kooba leather is super soft and slouchy. I have a chiara in cognac that I *love*. Sienna's are very popular with celebrity's. The Kooba forum here has some great ladies on it :smile: There are some great new ones on the auction site and most in store are $595 and under.

    Here's a kooba plum chiara I recently let go:
  5. OOoh.. just thought of another one... Hayden Harnett... you can check out there website and order from there t:huh:. :yes:
  6. Hayden Harnett is a good suggestion! I second that!!!
  7. hayden harnett, kooba, or botkier
  8. How about Rebecca Minkoff's Morning After in Elephant? Revolve Clothing
    And first time users get 30% off, though if you've already used them, there has to be a 15-20% promo code floating around somewhere.
  9. Since she likes your city, I'd also suggest looking at the Hayden Harnetts. She'd probably love the Mercer, I think that's what it's called...(I don't own one, but I remember lusting after it before I fell for these addictive soul consuming Bbags). The others I love in that line, seem more like the Days to me, more casual, more sacklike, but also beautifully slouchy and soft.
  10. Marc by Marc Jacobs - lots of great options
  11. My first thought was Hayden Harnett, as well, because they are lightweight and have lovely leather - two of my favorite things about B-bags.
  12. Definatley check out Hayden Harnetts triple mercer satchel.
    I have a black one and the leather is so soft and smooshy and its nice to carry too! :tup:
  13. :yes: excellent suggestions.
  14. Hayden Harnett bags do have fantastic leather! I think that would be a great alternative. They're lightweight and have that rock 'n roll edge.
  15. Andrew Marc makes some really sturdy bags