Similar forum for shoes?

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  1. Does anyone know of a good forum for shoes a little like this one is for bags? I'm actually even more shoe-mad than I am bag-mad. :nuts: If that's possible.
  2. LOL, I was wondering the same thing. Maybe a subforum here? I certainly love my Manolos!
  3. Yeah, we definitely need a similar forum for shoes. Love my Choos
  4. I wonder too, googled it, but nothing as good as this forum.
  5. I say lets do shoes in the general discussion area-If its OK with Vlad???
  6. Humm... giving us ideas!! Let me and Vlad talk about it- we will let you know!
  7. Have a little faith in me - it's in the workings ladies.
  8. ^^ Isn't he lovely, isn't he wonderrrfulll??? :love:
  9. You are both wonderful, very accomodating.
  10. Yay! Shoes! You guys are the best!
  11. YAY! for the admins!
  12. Yes, Shoes!!!!!! They are even better than bags for me! I can't wait!