Similar Balenciaga Colors

  1. Good evening everyone,

    Since I have been staring at the new F/W 06 Balenciaga colors for the past little while, I have been inspired to start a new thread. :shame:

    I thought it would be handy for people to know which Balenciaga colors are very *similar* to each other & which ones are so similar that you may not want both....(or maybe you do if you LOVE the color & different leathers!).

    Some examples:

    -Pre-Spring 2005 Indigo & Fall 2006 Blueberry
    -Pre-Fall 2005 Bordeaux & Fall 2006 Grenat
    -Pre-Spring 2005 Teal, Pre-Spring 2006 Cornflower, & Fall 2006 Blue-Grey
    -Spring 2002 Caramel, Spring 2003 Caramel, Pre-Fall 2005 Camel, & Sping 2006 Cognac
    -Fall 2004 Marron, Fall 2005 Chocolate, & Fall 2006 Truffle
    -Spring 2004 Grey & Pre-Spring 2006 Grey

    It would be fantastic if anyone has pictures of these "families" together in order to really examine the closeness in color. (Thanks again chigirl for the Indigo & Blueberry comparison! Maybe we can put it here?)

    NOTE: I am talking about actual COLOR only, not leather variation by season (there is already a handy thread for that)!

    Thank you so much for your time,

    J :flowers:
  2. How interesting.. teal is similar to cornflower??? I never thought of it that way but I think you might be right. I wish I could go and look at the color IRL but I think all the cornflower bags may have been sold in the LA area.
  3. Adding one more similarity:

    -04 Turquoise and 04 Seafoam (although I own both, even though they are similar!)
  4. ohhhh I thought teal is different than cornflower... Hmmm... style101, where are you? We need comparison pics ;)
  5. -Fall 2003 Red, Fall 2005 Rouge Theatre, & Fall 2006 Rouge Vif
    -Fall 2003 Lilac, Fall 2004 Lilac, Pre-Sping 2006 Lilac
  6. great idea but maybe we can find kimmie's pic of her indigo twiggy? it would be nice to have that side by side with the blueberry twiggy.
  7. Wow, I did not know this Pursepassion. Are the Rouge colors very similar i.e. hard to differentiate, sort of similar or are they really different from one another? TIA.
  8. From aalabama's description the rouge vif will be different. This supposed to have no blue undertones. The blue india seems to be much different than cornflower as well.
  9. Oh, ok...thank you shoegal.
  10. blue india, cornflower and teal arent similar IMO.
    04 marron and 05 chocolate are totally different, 3 shades of darkness and red vs. neutral undertones
    indigo and blueberry seem close to me! woohoo about that one!
    cornflower and navy are pretty similar though. just the leathers are different.
    and i'm thinking that 03 rouge and 06 rouge vif might be similar, but we wont know for awhile.
    seafoam and 03 emerald are pretty similar
    04 khaki and 05 olive are sorta similar, warm vs. neutral undertones
    bordeaux and grenat - dont know yet... earlier reports put grenat closer to marron than bordeaux, but again, we have to get some comparison pics.
    then of course there are the pewters- differenticiated by hardware and a slight pink undertone on the 05
    calcaire and greige - similar in that they are both beiges, pink v. neutral (?)
    05 caramel and 03 caramel - 05 is pretty light, 03 is darker, more nutty
    mustard and anis are pretty close as well...
  11. Grenat has red undertones as opposed to bordeaux which has purple undertones (according to aallabama).
    Grenat sounds like the stone garnet in description and when you look at the pictures from the stock coming into LVR.
  12. It is really nice to read the input! Thank you :smile:

    You know what would be amazing? To see a picture of allll the blues together....I simply LOVE blue.
  13. mocean helped out tremendously above:

    -Teal, Cornflower and (probably) Blue India are nothing alike.
    -Teal has much more of a blue/greenish undertone.
    -Cornflower and Navy are the only ones that are extremely similar.
    -Marron (aka Mahogany) and Chocolate are nothing alike - actually, Marron is maybe closer to Bordeaux, but I would never say they were alike either - Bordeaux has a much stronger red undertone to Marron's brown. Based on the latest report, it sounds like Grenat is closer to Bordeaux.
    -Blueberry is also not looking all that similar to Indigo to me either - both unbelievably gorgeous colors, but I'm not seeing enough of a similarity to say they're all that close.
  14. Oh I hope the new Fire Engine Red is similar to the '03 Rouge!