Sim Societies (Sim city 5)

  1. Where are my sim folks?

    Anyone thinking of getting it? Or already have it? If you have it, what do you think about it?
  2. I love Sim City, but I'm not interested in the society game. I will be getting Anno 1701 instead :smile:
  3. I love Sim games...I didn't even realize it was out yet, I may have to buy it like, today!
  4. i HAVE to have it.
  5. Is it out yet? I would so totally get it now if it is... I'm a huge Sim fan! :smile:
  6. I only have Sims and Sims 2...I always found that I didn't have the patience for Sim City... but if you ever wanna chat about the Sims, I am here!