Silvertone hardware is back..just saw this on BG online site rop

  1. [​IMG]
  2. But did you see how much the price has gone up? and no suede interior!!
  3. Ohh that you mention it:yes: Still is'nt it a pretty to look at:p :nuts:
  4. is that regular leather or patent?
    i saw a patent black zip clutch at Nordstrom sf a few weeks ago...
  5. I believe the silver hardware is only available on the patent bags.
  6. ^^^ that's what I heard. So white patent??
  7. Wow, white patent.... That will be interesting to see IRL!
  8. The Small Elise in Salmon and Black (both appear Patent) but description states • Choose tangerine or black soft calfskin.:confused1:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. This are cool too!! Bags come in Chalk or Dark Grey - Z/C is Black patent only
  10. SH, Stam, would it still be pretty?
  11. Oh my goodness! Where did you see these online??

  12. The way the patent is photographed looks super cool with the silver hardware!
  13. yahoo! silver is do a silver stam mr. jacobs...just one...but please a silver stam!
  14. Yes, I definitely prefer the silver! I do not like the gold hardware at all.
    Glad he is finally bringing it back.
    Wonder if he was getting any feedback about the gold, or maybe just wanted to offer more options (?)
  15. I like both the silver and gold hardware, but these patent bags look great with silver.