Silverados - what color reds did they come in?

  1. Hi, I'm usually found on the Kooba section of TPF, but I'm looking to buy my first Chloe. I particuarly like the Silverado and am looking out for one in red (although would still consider other colors if the price was right). I'm aware that Chloe did the Silverado in a solid bright red and also grenat, but were any other red colors made or just those two? I am swaying towards the grenat, although the longer I leave it the more appealing the python varieties become.
  2. I can't answer your question about the leather Silverados, but there is an absolutely gorgeous python version with shades of orange, red, and brown. A perfect autumn bag.
  3. Where?
  4. Here's a pic of a python grenat silverado for you:nuts:...

  5. Whoaaaa, I don't need to see that..............:wtf:
  6. ^Hmmmm Susie. That's all I'm saying: hmmmmmm...

  7. Well it's pretty hot! and yes if it was available at a reasonable price I would definately take the plunge but it's not so I won't............:p

    I know!! I'll get a turquoise python Silverado, (is there such a thing??)...

  8. The grenat silverado is being sold here in dubai pre-loved for around $700..its been in the market for a while and i have managed to resist...:rolleyes:just fyi susie (and NAT too!)
  9. ^What are you trying to do here you little purse forum vixen?:devil: That is a he## of a bag at that price! SOMEBODY buy it please and remove the temptation from these postings!!!
  10. :wtf:Do you really think so? I've always loved the way the python silverados look but i cannot seem to bring myself to buy one...:upsidedown:

  11. Sob...I just bought a red purse but this is to Die for. Abbi if you can afford it wow...Just how preloved is it? IOW what kind of shape is the bag in?:heart:
  12. Well - I'm not one to PUSH:push:! but I do love my python Silverado. I like them to be metallic, though, since the scales look even better that way. That is a great price for a python version. I wonder how good of a shape it is in. Just curious, of course....for YOU!
  13. i saw it IRL and it seemed to be in very good condition,i was shocked at how soft the python was (i thought they would be hard n scaly)...but then again when i saw it i wasnt that interested in the python so i just didnt look too closely. And now the seller has agreed to sell it to me for $600 because am such a good buyer(i've bought from her several times)...whaddya think ladies??
  14. I'm really not going to push BUT.....what a FANTASTIC price! It's almost like how can you NOT buy it. Whenever either susieserb or I get "purse lust" - you know that dazed feeling accompanied with palpitations over a bag (not a man - a BAG! - LOL!) - we talk to each other for hours moaning over and over again about why we should or should not buy the purse. I'll play that role here but you have to really FEEL it. Actually I am not advocating buying it unless it totally makes you happy.

    If I didn't buy that red Edith I'd be PMing you like mad. Just peruse Red Purses on Neiman Marcus and see how much those suckers cost. Oh.... also notice that the vast majority of them are boring. Yet I'm looking at your avitar and you do have a red Paddy so this is probably a mute point. sorry...

    See how we can yank you around mercilessly?:love: