silverados at bloomingdales-good deals

  1. I've noticed at least for the last month or so the bloomies in NYC had the silverados at 30% off but I was less enthused to buy since I knew BG/NM had 50% off sales. I didn't have luck with the large doctor bag from BG but I hit gold this week while in San Francisco at bloomies. MH had business to do every morning so I went to union square to shop! I was aware of some charity event for 2/28 and the presale with an extra 15% off. This bloomies was so much nicer than the NYC store and the SA were all so sweet and helpful. The merchandise was laid out better and easy to find. I asked one SA why the silverados were only 30% off when they were 50-60% off at BG/NM and they offered to price match if I could show them proof. I showed them the expired pages on NM/BG of similar chloes and the SA gave me 50% off plus the presale extra 15%. Although SF has higher tax than NYC it came out to be a little over $500 with tax. I think the style I got was called the satchel (orig retail was $1345) I heard this was going to be discountinued but I got such a great deal and I love the color I got (muscade). Lesson learned:try to order from the SF bloomies since they price match on shoes, jeans, everything! I bought the bag last tuesday but couldn't pick it up until 2/28 but when I got there the bags were no longer 30% off but back to full retail:wtf: What was weird was that they had a wide selection of colors and styles but nobody was snatching them up beforehand. I know the paddy's are more popular but I love my new silverado:yes:
  2. Great great buy! I had a similar experience with Bloomies in Chicago - although not regarding purses. I am going to have to call them... WAIT - serious purse ban. GULP. Did they have any python Silverados????
  3. Python is illegal to sell in CA, so none here in the City :sad:

  4. Last week I saw a black python Silverado at the Bloomies in Chestnut Hill, MA and a couple of weeks ago I saw a brown one at Bloomies in Boca Raton, I think or Wellington, FL... I went to every mall in the Palm Beach area, cannot remember for sure :shame:
  5. congrats on a great deal!
  6. i saw a python silverado 30% off at the Bloomingdales in SoHo in NYC
  7. Oooh - thanks for the heads up! I just bought the one from AR so I would have my nerve going for more. The AR one was 40% off - thank goodness or I would be kicking myself.
  8. Although I dearly love handbags, I have a mega phobia about snakes.

    The thought of touching a handbag made from snake skin really freaks me out, I have enough problems looking at the images.

    Maybe it could be a cure for "A Bag-A-Holic"
  9. That's great! Congrats! I am actually carrying my Bordeaux Leather/Suede Silverado today! I got it at the Nordys sale for $599! It is rapidly becoming my favorite bag. Enjoy!
  10. I have suggested this before, anyone with a snake or python phobia should buy the bag and deduct it from your income taxes as a medical deduction--you keep picking it up and carrying it to cure your phobia!