Silverado with or without pockets?

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  1. What would you pick? The large silverado bag with front pockets or without?

    silverado_nopock.jpg silverado_pocket.jpg
  2. I'll choose without front pockets, I like the original style of silverado.
  3. the one with the pockets! a much better deal! it's also a bigger bag...:P
  4. Ooooh tricky, i love pockets..:love:
    Ummmmmmm, but i think i prefer the silverado without them.:yes:
  5. If you want the traditional original go without the pockets.
  6. let us know which one you finally decide on! good luck on choosing--

    i love this dark grey w/black trim color on the silverado...myself got the AR discounted large silverado w/the pockets! thinking it may work for me as a lux baby bag, as well, esp. with the extra pockets and conveniently open top!
  7. forget my last post! I ended up cancelling the order because though I loved the color and I think silverados are hot, I didn't think this bag was really me! I was also starting to get worried about the stiffness of the bag due to the extra pockets...:shrugs: :sad: i think this thread influenced me into liking the original silverado sans pockets as well! :shame:
  8. I like it w/o the pockets in front.
  9. I just think of them as different bags. I have large python Silverado bags that I totally love, as much as any bag I've ever owned. But the new tote with pockets is a good bag. It is large, and the back side, without pockets, lies flatter against the body than the classic style. The leather softens up after use.
  10. Without the pockets for me :smile:
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