Silverado wanted

  1. I just bought a gold Silverado hobo from NM, more for the price than for the color, gold is not really me but I have never seen it in person so I gave it a try.... I actually like it, don't love it when I'm holding it but it does look good when it's on my shoulder, that said I'm probably going to return it.
    But now I'm in LOOOVE :heart: , I just love the Silverados and this style fits me perfectly.
    Has anybody seen one on sale in tan or chamois or any other brownish colors other than reptiles???? heck I'll take a black one too
    check it out in the link....
  2. I think the gold looks fabulous on you! But are you thinking the smaller satchel is more comfortable to lug around? No kidding - it looks very chic and I didn't think I'd like this hobo so much when I saw it in other shots because it seemed so plain on the body of the bag. A little plain, though, is not always a bad thing.
  3. I love this hobo! And it does look great on you!!!

    I have this particular hobo in blue and its one of my favorites. The last time I saw this style in Chamois was over 6 months ago. I think it was available at one of Neiman Marcus's online sales.
  4. Thank you, I'll keep checking around. I'm a bit worried that the gold might rub off too easily, I already saw a spot that looks a bit lighter.... Good thing there's a NM in Boston. Thanks again
  5. ^ You might wanna give Bloomies a call as I saw the Silverado on 30% and Bettys on 40% last weekend. :smile:
  6. also has the silverado on sale. It keeps popping up in the sale section.
  7. I think the gold looks gorgeous on you; it really suits your skintone. :yes:

    It's a shame you don't like it...
  8. Wish I could take the best advice ever given me by a Chanel girl, don't be waylaid by bags on sale, stick to your "can't live without list". But I love a great deal!

    Bag looks great on you.