Silverado vis-a-vis Paddy question...

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  1. Does anyone know why the Silverado is not as in demand as the Paddington? The Paddington is still a hot commodity and the Silverado has pretty much faded into oblivion. Case in point is this forum. Hardly anyone mentions the Silverado and everyone still talks about the new Paddy they got, the Paddy the want, etc.

    Right now, the only Silverados that are available are the python ones other than the ones from last season that haven't sold yet.

    I spoke with the Chloe SA in NY and he said they're only making the python ones for this season and after that, goodbye forever Silverado.
  2. The Silverado bags this year are a real departure from last year. The shapes are different and not as appealing to Chloe lovers. I kept my chocolate tote from last fall (with the open top) and returned a tan satchel (also from fall) that I loved but wasn't getting enough use to justify keeping. The color was gorgeous though. I think the original Silverado will be a classic and collector's item so if you like the style and have the opportunity to purchase one, don't pass it up!
  3. I've wondered why they stopped making the orlginal ones. Maybe if there was such high demand, they would have? Just look at the Paddy. They can't seem to stop making those...
  4. That's the one I loved, the tote w/the open top. I had a chance to buy a black one but passed (dumb...dumb...dumb...) The leather was soooooooo soft from what I remember.
  5. I'm surprised the new style Paddingtons are selling so well. I personally feel content with my satchel collection and don't feel a strong urge for any of the newer styles (yay say my credit cards). But at least the new style Paddys are pleasing to the eye; the new style Silverados are devoid of style.

    Mammab - the open Tote is such a great bag and the leather is TDF, soft but also very sturdy. Even my non-bag friends comment on it; I'm still paying it off, but no regrets at all!
  6. It may be because Phobe Philo quit. She's leaving designing and staying home with her family. This line out now is her last.

    I really want a Silverado and an Edith, but have to wait for more money.:lol:
  7. I never liked the silverado nor do I know anyone who does. I think the leather is pretty stiff on the ones I touched and it looks very wild west. I won't miss them when they are gone but that's just my opinion. But I'm not a fan of the new paddy styles as well. I love the satchel and the hobo.
  8. Some time ago I had a tan Silverado on pre-order with NM. Later on I saw it IRL at Nordstrom's and was not impressed with the leather or color. It was very stiff and just didn't look like it was worth the price tag. I didn't LOVE it. When I got home I canceled my order. To date I have not regretted my decision to pass on it. Btw, I'm not a fan of the Paddy either. Like the leather/colors but hate the lock. I'm still waiting for a new style so I can add a Chloe to my collection.
  9. i have both a chocolate silverado and khaki/choco/and whiskey paddy.. but yeah the silverado from the beginning was stiff, but now i use it all the time it has soften up tremendously. i have three paddys to switch up with, but unfortunately i dont use them often..and the silverado is my everyday bag.
  10. The silverado that i have in the off white is a very soft bag i think it is one of the original ones that came out but i know what you mean i honestly taught they would be very popular
  11. I purchased the large silverado python satchel recently. It is a gorgeous bag. I have always liked the original silverado style.
  12. You have to keep in mind that the Silverado came out long before the Paddy! The original Silverado satchel was released season after season in both different grades and types of leather and different types of python, repeatedly. Every season they did slightly different shades of the same color in different types of leather and python and they continued to sell very well for quite a long time.

    Chloe then capitalized on that by extending the style into many different shapes and capitalizing on its popularity, while at the same time, releasing the Paddy. Now, a lot sooner than they did it to the Silverado, the same thing is happening to the Paddy - it's manifesting a bunch of Paddy-variations. And eventually, the same fate will befall the Paddy.

    So in essence, I don't think anything's actually happened to the popularity of the Silverado per se - it's just going through the natural progression that bags go through. I personally would have rather seen them retire it sooner rather than slowly try to kill it by association with some of its less attractive cousins. I love my original python and leather Silverados to death and will continue to wear and enjoy them for many years to come.
  13. To me the Silverado looks, as the name conveys, like a "western" type bag. All the detail on it is a bit more fussy than the Paddington. It was very popular a year or two ago, and all the starlets had them. The Paddy is just a more versatile style, I think. And I agree that the original Paddy is the best, but the shape didn't work for me, so I am glad they expanded the line a bit.
  14. I think that with the paddy, even after the padlock has really died, you can still carry the bag without the lock and enjoy the luxurious leather. The shape is beautiful and quite versatile...It's a relatively simple design compared to the silverado.. so it will probably stay around longer... more so once you remove the padlock!

    *this is me trying to justify a purchase of a paddy over other bags (a chanel).. no success yet though...
  15. I agree, it does look western, I'm not really into that look so I prefer the paddington. The python silverado is TDF though!~!!