Silverado Tote or Edith?

  1. Chloe Lovers! I need help choosing a new Chloe...I live in Mexico City so it isnt very easy for me to go into a store and check out the different styles, colors and textures so hopefully you can help me!
    Which one should I get? The silverado tote in tan (i attached pic of the style) or the Edith in tan or chamois?
    I already own a grey paddie and an ivory silverado satchel...Please help me!!!
    Thanks :rolleyes:
    silverado white.jpg
  2. If you already own a silverado, I would probably go with an edith in chamois. It's absolutely lovely!
  3. Do you know where the tote you posted is sold in the tan color? I've been looking all over for it!
  4. Roey,
    Is the tan color that you're referring to look like the Whiskey?
  5. I would go w/the Edith in either color, but I prefer the chamois, since you already have the silverado.
  6. Some of the SAs told me that the Edith in chamois will not be available in the fall collection in contrast to the other colors which will be repeated. Hope this helps...
  7. I head the same thing about chamois not being available in the fall collection.

    Purseuader - the tan I am referring to is either the whiskey color or regular brownish-tan.
  8. Thanks for your suggestions! Chloe @ NYC had the silverado tote in tan and chamois, and I am looking for the Edith...if anyone knows where I can get one, let me know! Thanks again!
  9. Roey,
    Yes check Chloe NY ...... they had the tan -- which looked like Whiskey.