Silverado styles and colours!


    After seeing bb10lue's Silverado, my brain has one a 180 and decided, SILVERADOS ARE YUMMY!!

    I don't think I'll be able to afford one for a while, but I'd like to find out what styles there are out there, and all the colours available, so I can decide which one I want to get when my bank account replenishes. Whoever has a Silverado please post your photos here, and hopefully we can come up with a list as expansive as the Paddy one! :yes:

    Ready.. set.. go. :flowers:
  2. haha~~~thanks:cool: !! i :heart: my blue silverado that i just brought a month ago. The leather is different from padding and edith, its softer and lighter!!! Good luck with your search for the best silverado:lol:
    silverado_1.jpg silverado_2.jpg
  3. I have an all leather chocolate medium that I adore. I had a calfskin naturel color that I sold that was much more squishy - the one I have now is buffalo leather and it's much sturdier and holds shape better...I dream of the snakeskin as I love the look of it but can't bring myself to do exotics (or pay the $ for that matter) I settle for my chocolate. It's a fabulous bag! I'll post pics later so you can see :=)
  4. large doctor in chocolate

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    tote/hobo (seems to have different names), mine is in black but i couldn't find a photo, this is olive​


  5. bb10lue: thanks! I can't help but drool over THAT blue!

    twinklette: Can't wait to see your chocolate one. Do you have any pics of your calfskin, I would love to see it too!

    nycmom: The doctor is so cute. Can your hobo fit over the shoulder?

    Keep em coming purseforumettes! :smile:
  6. Kiptrip, I'm glad you started this thread. I am shopping for a Silverado too! But I can't decide between medium or large. I love both sizes. I tried on a large Doctor, but it wasn't my style. Very cute, though. I also want to see different colors without having to weed through a bunch of threads.;)

    Twinklette, Please post pics! It will show the comparison between the buffalo leather and the calfskin leather...thanks! :smile:
  7. kiptrip - the hobo fits pretty easily with a thin jacket or sweater but i think it would be tight with a winter coat. i'm trying to wear it a lot now and hope the handles might stretch a bit by winter!
  8. Here's a pic I found (NOT mine) that shows the chocolate leather/color - way in the back. My DC is dead right now so hopefully I can get it up and running soon!


    **I'm actually considering selling mine and listing it on ebay soon!
  9. This is my silverado that I got from Chloe_concord. I absolutely love her! She makes me feel so girly! :love:
    Rose Silverado1.JPG Rose Silverado.JPG
  10. BLove: Awwwww pink hobo! I adore that pink detail outlining the bag, is it pink lace?

    esiders: thanks for the whiskey pic! It's oh so classic.

    nycmom: Hope it does stretch, non-shoulder bags do get to me.

    twinklette: That choco is yummy.

    annabelle: Hello fellow silverado seeker! :amuse:
  11. Kiptrip - It's pink satin, like a ribbon. It's absolutely lovely. She's definitely my summer bag right now. Just taking her out cheers me up.
  12. Wow, very pretty! I have never seen a pink one! The leather looks fabulous!
  13. :Push: That's totally what I meant.. pink ribbon! Haha.. teh pretty!

    What other bright colours does the Silverado come in I wonder? :rolleyes:
  14. Wow! :amazed: what beautiful Silverados....never knew there was a pink one, so lovely! I just got mine Sunday. It's alittle boring because of the color, being my age I'm very adventurous!
    (27) Chloe Silverado Tote, Medium - 1635.JPG