Silverado sizes

  1. Can anyone tell me if there were different sizes in the Python Silverado's?
  2. Hi, I think they did them in Medium (14.5" L) and Large (17.5" L) only...I don't recall seeing one in the "mini" size(otherwise I would have bought one! lol!).
  3. Ditto - medium and large were the main sizes. But I swear there was a mini one, maybe not??? If so they may have discontinued that size.
  4. :wlae:I know they also made a 12" but they are really hard to find and that's the one I want in Python. I will just have to keep looking.:crybaby:
  5. There was a third, smaller size, but bags in that size were a lot rarer. Good luck!
  6. :wlae:Thanks for responding I hope to find one eventually.