silverado shopper/hobo?

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    has anyone seen this style in person? i'm being very tempted because it's on sale and would really appreciate any and all advice! thanks so much...​
  2. I bought this on sale at BG in the chamois color. Overall I thought it was OK. The leather is lovely and soft, but the shape you see is only with it being stuffed. It was really droopy. You should check out some of the other threads. There are some people who posted online pics of the droopiness.

    I also returned mine.
  3. thank you both so much for responding and socal especially for those pics! i did a search but somehow didn't get that thread :shrugs: ? anyway based on your photos i think i have to go for it...because it's on sale (and i'm a total sucker for at least thinking i'm getting a bargain) :shame: and the one thing that i don't like about my large doctor bag is how short the straps are so this style will solve that problem! plus i know you're on to hermes these days but it did look amazing on you! :heart: thanks again!!! xoxo
  4. You are welcome! Hope you enjoy! :flowers:
  5. I also bought (and returned) the chamois from BG. It felt really stiff compared to my paddies and I didn't find the shape itself attractive. I really love the med Silverado satchel though :yes:

  6. im very temted of buying this bag. love the color. and its on sale! anyway, they will also ship it free overseas. that's a good deal and its under AU$1000, yey! no customs and 10%GST for me to pay! definitely will buy!
  7. My friend and I both bought this bag on sale at Bloomingdales. I have the chocolate color; she has the blue. While it's not my most favorite bag, it is easy to carry being so light and having the shoulder strap. Overall, you'll get the look of the silverado which I love with more convenience than some of the other styles, particularly if you like to carry bags over your shoulder.
  8. Did anyone get one of these? They added the white one now too, it looks really pretty.

  9. hi spiral! i ordered the chocolate but it hasn't arrived yet...i agree the white looks lovely!
  10. Ooh nycmom! The chocolate is such a lovely, classic color. You must post pics when it arrives so that we can indulge in some Chloe-joy :graucho:

    p.s. Did you talk to Jumpei? I've heard about the him on lots of threads, but this was my first time talking to him, and he was so nice. I wasn't even used to being treated so well! :P AR really has some great customer service.
  11. thanks very much for all your responses! i carried my bag today and was so happy with it, i totally agree with you jayge, it was incredibly easy to wear and fit a ton of stuff without looking stuffed...definitely a great knock around style...i just posted pics in the reference section for anyone who is interested (i think they still have a couple of the colors available)...and spiral, isn't jumpei so sweet? this is my third aloharag purchase and i just continue to be most impressed with them!