Silverado Satchel

  1. Hey you guys ... I want to get a Chloe Silverado satchel. I saw one on Bergdorf Goodman's website. I can pre-order it in tan. It is $1,200. Its dimensions are 7-1/5" H x 15-1/5" W x 6" D. Does anyone know if this is the smallest one they make? Also, I like the tan but I'd really like to have this bag in a chocolate brown. Do they come in chocolate brown? Lastly, is $1,200 a good price? I appreciate any help you can give me.:P
  2. Yes, they come in chocolate brown. I think that's the one Cameron Diaz was seem carrying. Aloha Rag had it awhile ago. Maybe check with them?
  3. yes, that is the smallest size. I have the black one (the Dr bag silverado) I paid $1285 at Neiman's.
  4. Thanks for the info, Irissy, I'll check with them.
  5. Thanks for the info, Loganz.
  6. Took the words right out of my mouth...I have the $1285 Doctor one too; the satchel is smaller.
  7. :sad2: I called to pre-order the tan one I saw online at Bergdorf Goodman and was told the orders have exceeded their expectations. She took my info but said the bag is indefinitely unavailable.:sad2:
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