Silverado question to test your memories...

  1. Ladies, this is driving me mad, hope you can help.

    Cast your minds back to the pictures from the Chloe F/W 2004 runway shows...when the first Silverado's were introduced (am I right with the season?). I'm not thinking of the Pythons, just the plain grained calfskin ones...what was the original colour(s) that were shown.

    I have the large Tan Silverado and I'm 95% positive that this was the first/original colour used...but my friend says it was the cognac shade that was the first (slightly lighter, I'm sure there's a Bay in this colour this season and they definitely did the Paddington in cognac).

    She is more likely to be right than me as she has a better memory for these things, and I do remember a lighter version that was smaller (probably the medium) when I was at Chloe collecting mine (after a looong wait).

    Does anyone remember, or have pictures of the original colours...

    Thanking all in advance xxx
  2. the FIRST ORIGINAL releases have no chloe imprint on the outside AND no serial number. The bay and the paddy came in whiskey, which is a different color than cognac... cognac is reddish brown w/ mahogany undertones, not close to tan at all.
  3. Thanks D & G, hahaha - I've got my drinks mixed up!

    Evidently in two years my brain has remembered the alcohol part but not a whole lot else...haha

    So was it out Whisky (or Whiskey in US) first, and then Tan...was it out in any other colour that I could be getting it mixed up with? (which, lets face it, could be a few). And does anyone have any pics?
  4. I'm getting confused too. lol I think there was an earlier silverado that was not tan, but very similar to it. maybe that's yours. I think the cognac is in reference to the python. its hard because everyone has their own interpretation of the chloe colors. I think the original colors are choco, black, cognac, and tan. Funny thing is that tan in silverados is a different color than tan in paddys. hopefully someone can shed more light on this!
  5. You may find it in the Chloé reference library(file:Chloé documenting colors):smile:
  6. Those first leather Silveradoes were great! There was a "tan" but it was more brown than the Paddy color. I remember a chocolate brown, too. The stitching (is that the right word?) was so nice.
  7. Hi, thanks rollergirl I had a look through the thread you suggested and also the Paddy colour swatch thread...

    I think it was out in Tan, Whisky and Chocolate first. (Please, anyone, post if you've got a better memory!!) But like you suggest, rollergirl, I'm sure that the Paddy versions of these colours differ to the Silverado range.

    I'm sure the Silverado that I have is "Tan" (I don't have the original tag, but this name rings a bell) but it appears to be a lighter colour than the "Paddy Tan" colour posted in the other thread.

    I wish I could post you pictures but I still haven't bought a new digital camera after my old one "got a bit wet" in a duck pond...
  8. I honestly don't think the whisky was in the first batch. I think the color is called "tan" but maybe viewed as whisky?
  9. Here's a picture of a "tan or naturel" silverado in 05.

    Is this the color you're thinking about?