Silverado Question - I Need Help Ladies!!!!!

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  1. Hi Everyone:

    Kind of a long post (sorry).

    I think that I have just had my first bad transaction on ebay. I need your advice!!!!

    I purchased a used Silverado Tote in Chocolate brown last week on ebay. The seller had over 300 postive feedback and only 3 negatives, none of which made me uncomfortable. She is listed as a United States seller, being from Illinois.

    I made her an offer and she closed the auction saying the item was no longer available, and I paid her through paypal. I sent her three emails asking for the tracking number for the bag, and she never gave me a tracking number, instead giving me ambiguous replies like "you will have it early next week".

    Well, it arrived today with a big "Customs" sticker on it. THE BAG CAME FROM HONG KONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wtf:

    Obviously this was why she would not give me a tracking number! I am really upset as I feel she has dealt with me fraudulently, and I am concerned about the authenticity of the bag!!

    It is definitely used (which I knew about), without tags or dustcover (which I am okay about). The only thing that concerns me is that the snaps on the top of the bag and the snaps on the end pockets are not magnetic snaps like on my Silverado I got from Saks. They are just regular snaps that you have to press to close. I think that the bag is an 05 model. Everything else on it looks authentic, but I don't feel comfortable about this and I am very skeptical about the entire thing!!!!!!!!!!!:confused1::confused1:

    Do any of you ladies know if the snaps on the 05 Silverado bags were not magnetic?

    WHAT SHOULD I DO??? I have emailed her this morning asking for an explanation and have heard nothing back yet. My gut instinct is to return the bag to her (in Hong Kong?), and if she will not refund my money I will contest it on my credit card.

    Please ladies, tell me what you would do??!!!! Am I overreacting??

    All advice would be most appreciated!!!!!!!!!!:smile:
  2. You're definately not overreacting!! I'll freak out too if I discover the bag came from HK while the seller's location is Illionois. I'm no expert about silverado and I think it's best for you to post this question on the authenticity thread with pictures of the bag. Also, try emailing your seller expressing your concern and see what he/she'll say!!! Wish you the best of luck!!!
  3. The snaps on both of my silverados, were definitely not magnetic --- they are snaps -- I have an early 06 and a 04. But feel free to PM me pics :yes:
  4. Hi Ladies:

    Thanks so much for your advice! I have emailed the seller twice and am still waiting to hear a response. I will let you know what happens!
  5. Don't worry. Mine don't either. i was concerned at first, when i saw that thread, but I think our snaps our different because we have leather bags, not python.
  6. My Silverado from late 05 has snaps also ........ post pics so we can take a look.
    How much was the postage, and did you pay tax/duty fees?
  7. The postage was included in the purchase price and I did not pay any duty. It was put down as a gift. I'll try to post some photos. I have alot of trouble downsizing them to fit on tPF!
  8. Hi Ladies:

    Just wanted to thank you once again for all of your help and advice. I have heard back from the seller and apparently she just moved to HK from the USA. She guaranteed authenticity and also offered to take the bag back and give me a refund. I have examined the bag in detail and I am quite sure that it is authentic so I am going to keep it!:yahoo:

    Once again, many thanks to everyone for all of their input. :smile: You PF ladies are the best!!:tup:
  9. I'm glad it all worked out! You really have to be careful on Ebay. Last year, I ordered a Chloe Paddington in Moka from a seller on Ebay with tons of positive feedback. She claimed she lived in New Jersey. The bag arrived from China!!! It was the worst fake I've ever seen...made of pleather, plastic lock painted with gold paint, the Chloe stamp on the lock is HUGE and off center. Plus, when I opened the package, the bag smelled like FISH. It was so gross. The pics she had listed in the auction were of a real Chloe...she had actually stolen them from a reputable Ebay seller, which we found out later. I will never, ever buy a bag on Ebay again. There's no real way to tell if the pictures are of the actual bag that's being sold and people will lie through their teeth to make a sale. I tried to dispute it with Paypal, and they said that the purchase didn't qualify for their protection policy and that I had to work it out with the seller...whom I never heard from again.