Silverado python in cognac or silverado in plain tan?

  1. the Cognac Python Silverado I was eyeing on Bluefly is an extra 10% off today + I will use a coupon code for an extra 10-15% off. I am just wondering if I will shy away of using it becuase its python??? to delicate and too fancy!!!

    I also have on hold a regular silverado in tan, which is actually more like a caramel - whiskey colour....goes great with will be cheaper than the python ofcourse.....

    I just don't wanna be sorry on losing out on the python! they look so gorgoues......
  2. Go for the python!! I think it's much nicer than the plain.
  3. Python! I just got the large Betty in python and it is TDF!!!
  4. PYTHON!!! I love python silverados..
  5. it does make the silverado alot more interesting in the python imo, and if you can get a good deal on it, I would defo choose this over the plain one :smile:

    good luck with your decision
  6. That's a great deal for a python silverado. I have a two tone python silverado (whiskey and tan) and it's one of my favorite bags. I don't really love the solid leather silverado, but I think it's stunning in python.

    It's really not THAT delicate. You have to avoid getting it wet, but other than that, you can pretty much treat it like any other handbag you'd treat with care and respect. I've had mine for years and it's still in fabulous condition.

    And here's a tip for you, if you do get it: fold up a plastic bag so it's really tiny and keep it in the zip pocket. If you ever get caught in a downpour, you have a raincoat for your bag to keep it dry!:heart:
  7. What do you think of the colour? it doesn't look like the other cognacs I've seen on the forum..its lighter!
  8. I think the color is lovely... it looks like it's inbetween tan and cognac, maybe a bit lighter than cognac.

    The good thing with BF is you can always return it if you don't absolutely adore it.
  9. Well I had it bookmarked becuase I knew they were gonna take it off the site. So now I can see its available but the site won't let me add it to my cart. When I call they say its not available.

    I bet it'll be available first thing tomorrow morning, and I'll call and demand the extra 10% off!
  10. OOOH python sounds nice. Did you try shop337? you get 20% off.
  11. I have a python Silverado and I love it to bits :love:

    I don't think they are that delicate (and I really baby my bags!) Just keep them out of the rain like KMSNYC says :yes:

    Btw, I really like the colour of the one you have selected :heart:
  12. The site won't let me add it to my cart! Tomorrow morning if its still up I'll talk to them and see what they have to say for themselves.
  13. let us know what happens. I hope you get the extra 20% off along with the 10%. I love hearing about great deals.....
  14. Great bag I really like the silverado in python, hope it works out!