Silverado purchase from Nordstrom Question

  1. I purchased a black silverado hobo from Nordstrom several weeks ago at 60% off. I love this bag and got a great deal on it. I just pulled it out today to use for the first time and went to put my cellphone in the side pocket and there was a very used lipgloss in there. It's really bugging me that Nordstrom would sell a used bag to me and not even check all the pockets but at the same time I feel the bag looked great and I got a great price on it. I don't think I'd be able to find another one so would you just move on or make a complaint/return it?
  2. Does the bag look fine otherwise? If that's not the only problem then I'd take it back.
    But you sound like you really love the bag & 60% was a really great deal. I'd keep it but then complain to Nordstroms and see if they'd give you even more of a discount.

    Let us know what you decide.
  3. I would call Nordstroms right away and complain directly to the manager. Tell them that they sent you a used bag and that you paid for a new bag!

    Depending on what they say to you, request a further discount, at least 10% off, as a courtesy.

    If the bag is in brand new condition (other than the used lipgloss) then keep it! I wouldn't return if I were you, but I'd try for some sort of reparation from Nordstrom.

    Good luck and keep us posted with the results!
  4. Definitely try for some money back. Unfortunately I am not surprised but Nordstrom should be ashamed!

    If you love it and there is nothing else wrong with it I would keep certainly keep it as it will be difficult to find a replacement.

    Good luck.
  5. Thanks everyone. I do love this bag but this lip gloss was gross and the thought of it being in my bag has weirded me out. My friend asked if I'd feel better if it had been a new Chanel lip gloss and I thought yeah I would!

    I will call Nordstrom and see what they say. When I got the bag it didn't have the orignal price tag on it and looked like a tag that Nordstrom made for it.

  6. ITA with sarmel :yes: Let us know what happens.....
  7. I'd keep the gorgeous bag, and complain.
  8. Me too. :graucho:
  9. i agree. definitely complain.
  10. If the condition of the bag is very good, keep it. It is hard to get one like it at that price. Besides, u may pay more if u buy from Ebay n there is no guarantee of its authenticity or condition.

    Complain by all means but dont return if u like it.
  11. Totally. They'll give you a discount.
  12. My update is that I've returned my Silverado Hobo to Nordstrom. I was prepared to ask for an additional discount but I used the bag for the weekend and the silver studs on each end of the shoulder strap kept popping off. I was afraid I wouldn't notice and lose them. Nordstrom didn't seem to care when I showed them so I don't know if they'll put it out for sale. What a bummer - I loved this bag but now I've got my eye on Heloise!
  13. wow, the studs came off? that stinks, but it was an additional signal that this bag should go back. Hope you get the Heloise (new & w/out used lipgloss in it)
  14. Thanks - once those studs starting popping I knew it wasn't meant to be. I won't be surprised if Nordstrom tries to resell it again.
  15. Absolutely disheartening. One would think that for the money- even at 60% off - that Nordies would take pains to assure your satisfaction?? When my large Betty chain handled hobo started tearing at the handle patch overlays (great bag but TOO heavy even for a strong gal like me) Neimans said I had the option of having them repair it for me or that I could return it. Actually I probably could have sewed it myself but for the $1200 bucks I paid for it - HELLO?!!!

    In Nordies defense - they can be over the top accommodating as well. I had my eye on these Stuart Weitzman silver sandals that had been marked down at Neiman's online but not at Nordstrom's - the only store to have my size. When I mentioned the Neiman's sale the SA quickly offered to match the Neiman's price. Well - I couldn't remember what the sale price was and they were gone from the other store's website and still selling for full retail at Zappos and NORDSTROMS ONLINE! The SA said, "How about 30% off?" I said, "OK!!!" - what else?