Silverado owners - I need your help

  1. cheetos, I answered in the other thread. I think your bag is real. First, I have a bag that I am 100% positive is real, and it has a riri zipper on the inside pocket. It is a recent bag, from last fall. It was unpacked from a shipment of new bags before my eyes, and it is authentic. Also, the little zipper pulls and the "chloe" on them looks exactly right. Did you buy your bag on sale? Keep in mind that this is distressed leather anyway, part of its charm, and it may also be showing sone use from its shelf time. I wouldn't worry. I know there are sometimes fake switches done, but I don't think this is such a case.
  2. ^ ITA with you that the YKK Doughnut zip pull looks authentic (I have one on my Tiger bag and have seen many others, over the years). :yes:

    I just wasn't aware that they had started using riri zippers. But if you bought yours from an authorised retail store and you saw them unpack the shipment, I'm sure you must be correct. :biggrin:
  3. My zipper says nothing, but Chloe' on the other side. Is this okay? It's from Diabro, which I only discovered from the forum.
  4. ^ Yes, that's definitely fine - sometimes the zippers are marked YKK and sometimes they are unmarked. :yes:

    As I say, I'd never heard of riri zips being used on Chloe bags before - but I guess it must be a new development.

    It does seem slightly odd to put a YKK Doughnut zip-pull on a riri zip, but maybe riri zips are smoother and they're continuing to use the Doughnuts for continuity? :shrugs:
  5. Whew- My silverado also says nothing on the zipper and suddenly I was sweating it out about my own bags!! LOL....
    Sometimes I find Chloe so frustrating with their lack of makes me always question the products!!