Silverado - missing serial number?

  1. I purchased a Silverado bag on eBay from a reputable seller long time ago, she even provided me a NM shipping invoice because she bought it online or through the telephone. BUT I can not seem to find a serial number anywhere in the bag. This bag was purchased when the Silverado came out not too long ago. Is it possible that they did not have serial numbers in the first batch? I no longer use the Silverado and was thinking of relisting it on eBay, however I do not want to sell something that is not authentic. Please help! :wtf:
  2. My 05 Silverado has the serial number inside the inner zippered pocket. Try turning that pocket inside out to find it.
  3. I remember there was some discussion a while ago that some authentic paddingtons didn't have serial codes at all, I'm just wondering if it could be same thing with silverados...?
  4. OK, I'll try again. I've flipped the bag over several times with no luck :confused1: