Silverado In Or Out?

  1. i have a chance to get a chocolate silverado but i wanted ppl opinion to see if you gals think its still in style?? is it just a trend?

  2. Personally I will always love love love my olive Silverado. I think it will always be a good bag to have. Choc is a to die for color too.
  3. I'd say, "out" w/ celebrities and the general public, but "in" with Chloe fans and certain bag lovers who like the style (me included! :biggrin: )
  4. I totally agree
  5. I say it's still in.
  6. Ah, I'm always the "it doesn't matter if it's in or out, just if you like it girl" :P
  7. i'm not a follower so for me, they're still in
  8. Ditto to hmwe46 and D & G rockstars comments.
    You should buy the bag because you like it and will carry it not because it might or might not be The "IT" bag of the minute.
  9. ^ Double ditto to all of that!:yes:

    IMO, it should be all about you...not the faddy trends of celebrities, and what they are, or are not carrying, this week.

    If you love it, and you know you'll get use from it, then go for it!:yes: :yahoo:
    Try to buy something you like instead of buying something thats "IN".
  11. IA with others, I know some other bags/brands are trendier now but when I'm buying bag for myself nothing beats silverados and paddingtons (and balenciagas), I just love them so much more:yes: I dont have silverado yet but hopefully I'll get one some day:P
  12. thanks gals..... i've always wanted a silverado since kirsten dunst was using it but i never found the python one anywhere but we finally got some bags into our Holt Renfrew so i had to get one!!!
  13. I would definetely say "out"
  14. Nicole Richie just pulled hers out again - I love mine and will always say in.
  15. I was just thinking the same thing! :P

    To me the non-python Silverado is a classic style, that never goes "out".