Silverado-How much should I pay?

  1. OK...I'm looking for a python Silverado. I saw one on e-bay that is about 3 years old and gorgeous. The thing is, it is being sold by the second owner and she wants $999. Is that too much for this bag?
  2. yes that's too much!
    I thought I just saw some (maybe 2) on eBay, although I don't know if they're authentic (do they make fake pythons?...probably) but maybe you can send the seller a message to see if he/she will sell the python for less than the listed price. good luck!
  3. I kind of think it is too much but pythons are awfully expensive even at half price. I certainly paid more than that for my python Silverado (which you can see in the post below about the modeling pics for the capsule tote). But the one you are considering has had two owners. Maybe it depends how much wear is shown???
  4. I dont think $999 is too much for python silverado, python is really expensive material and they're really finely crafted bags you know :yes: And they're discontinued and getting hard to find.... especially the older ones.
    I just bought myself 04 campaign python silverado from eBay for $1050 just few days ago and I think I got a great deal:tup:
  5. I don't think it's too much. A brand new one would be $2500 easy.
  6. For a python in great condition, that's a good price.
  7. I thought that was you! :rolleyes: That is a gorgeous bag--you are really fortunate. I'm happy it went to a PF'er. It's funny how attached you get to a bag you're watching, even when you can't buy it.:heart: Please post pics when you get it!
  8. I agree that depending on the condition, $999 is a good price for a python silverado :tup:
  9. Ok. Thanks for the input...
  10. haha I do that all the time, watch some bags and when someone buys it I wonder if the buyer is one of us!:nuts: I'll post pics whe she arrives :tup:
  11. Yeahhhhh! I just got my first Chloe. And thanks to all of you if is authentic and beautiful and I'm jazzed!!!! I just love the Silverado Python.
    +Sonja+-Which color did you get?
  12. Yay congrats! :yahoo: Please do post pictures when you have it in your hands! :nuts:
    I got the chocolate which is like cognac colour irl, I believe it's the same colour Nicole Richie has (..I think she actually has several silverados but this looks like the brown one she has).

    Which colour did you get..? :graucho:
  13. I think it's called cognac. It is a medium color of brown. There was a lighter one as well, but I plan on carrying this bag so I didn't want to go too light. It may be the same color as yours cause it was advertised as the same one Nicole carried in a pic. The seller is a member here so that eased my mind. It is an 04 as well. I'll post pics when I get it, she promised to mail today.
    I can't wait to see yours.
    Yay! I'm a Chloe girl now!!!
  14. Hmmm. I e-mailed the seller I bought my Chloe bag from to get the tracking number she was supposed to send me on Tuesday when she promised she would mail the bag and she still hasn't mailed it. This person contacted me to sell to me the bag as her buyer had backed out. She said she would ship the next day(Tuesday). So I paid right away. She is a long time member of this forum so I won't mention any names.
    Should I be upset? She didn't contact me to tell me I'm sorry. I had to contact her and ask. I just think when someone says they are going to ship something the next day if you will pay right away...