silverado hobo

I like all things Chloe!! Actually, I saw the Python Silverado in a window while shopping this weekend and it was amazing. I was surprised by how much I liked it in person - the shape and size of it, etc., not really the python part.:smile: I bet this hobo looks great in person, too.
I bought this one in tan color a couple of weeks ago. Honestly, I'm still not sure about it so it's still sitting in the box. I opened the box once but that's it. I like the style but not crazy about it as I was with the paddy. That's one reason why I'm not using it yet...I'm still thinking about it. Another reason is the weather. I don't think the leather will agree with the rain.
I would attempt to try that one on before purchasing it. It looked like it would be comfortable (I love hobos), but it didn't hang properly on me and hit me in a bad spot. I also didn't like that color on the bag IRL - the whipstitching and the leather are such different shades that it looked too busy. It was prettier in the dark chocolate brown.